$1 Billion approved by World Bank as an emergency fund for India


The World Bank in its initiative will be assisting 25 countries to fight out this pandemic. The novel coronavirus has taken a toss on everything, people lives and economy.

In India the cases have rose over 2,000 and with the death toll of 53. For the first aid set project, the World Bank will be assisting about 25 countries which will amount to $1.9 billion.

For India $1 Billion has been approved as an emergency fund to fight out this pandemic and to ensure better screening and tracing of patients who have contracted COVID-19.

And further help has been extended to other nation by the World bank, it also approved $200 million for Pakistan, $100 million for Afghanistan, $7.3 million for Maldives and $128.6 million for Sri Lanka.

The future aim is to focus on the poor and revive back the badly hit medium and small enterprises. Largely hit people are the underprivileged, so their one of the major focus lies on helping out the poor.


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