10 basic preventive measures that can be followed at home to stay safe from COVID-19


Amid the Coronavirus outbreak and lockdown being declared, people can follow these home made remedies to stay away from the virus. Be wise now to not regret later.
1) Steam Inhalation Twice a day.
Steam inhalation helps in killing the bacteria or virus as they cannot survive in too much heat.
2) Saline water gargling
Gargling thrice a day warm water with salt.
3) Drink warm water regularly. Avoid drinking cold water.
4) Eat required amount as undigested food should not be left in stomach till morning. Try having dinner by 8pm and consume plenty of fluids.
5) Avoid having stale or Junk foods. Consume freshly cooked warm home-made food within 3 hours of cooking.
6) Do exercise, Yoga at home as it is beneficial
7) Wash your hands with warm water and soap sanitizers to maintain the hygiene factor. 
8) Avoid going to barbers./ beauty saloons
9) After you come back from grocery shopping ensure you are sanitised.
10) If anything is purchased online, check the material or thing before using or having it.
Do everything to boost your immunity and wellness. Not a permanent solution but little things may help you to stay safe.


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