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10 Famous Street Foods In Vizag For The Foodie In You


Vizag isn’t just a highly popular tourist destination for the people all around the state, it also serves different cuisines that attracts not just the foodies in the city but also food lovers from surrounding districts as well. If you are craving some delicious bites on the street sides of the city of destiny, then here are the must check out places for you.

1. LIC Punugulu


We all might be pretty much aware of this very popular Andhra snack, LIC punugulu is an attraction for all the foodies in the city since a very long time. Located in the LIC building road, this street food stall attracts huge crowds even in the week days. Pungulu served with hot coconut and ginger chutneys will be your hot favourite snack too once you taste them.

2. Jagadamba Pidata kinda pappu


This is quite a popular street snack in the city that dates back around 2 decades. Located in the busy hustling road of Jagadamba, you can find this mini stall just near the Petrol Bunk in Jagadamba junction. Special ingredients like raw mango, dried coconut are also included in this and that’s what makes it different from regular bhel puri. Instead of a plastic spoon, you were given a thaati aaku to to eat the pidata kinda pappu.

3. Rushikonda Maggi


Maggi is definitely everyone’s favourite, but if you ask Vizagites about their favourite maggi, everyone unitedly says Rushikonda maggi point undoubtedly. You shouldn’t miss this Vizagite’s hot favourite recipe.

4. Srikanya Theatre Road – Bajjis


Bajjis, evening time snack that most of the people in Andhra prefer to have. Bajjis would taste delicious everywhere. But this particular spot in Vizag serves bajjis, samosas, bondas and what not with chopped and spiced onions. Describing about these bajjis is making my mouth water. Tomato bajjis here are a must try.

5. AU Outgate Pani Puri


Pani puri is everyone’s favourite. While we see pani puri stalls in almost every street, there will be some places where you must try and taste this North Indian favourite spicy snack. Pani puri near AU outgate , Siripuram is something that you must check out next time.

6. YMCA Shawarmas


Attention non-vegetarians, you get to taste the best shawarmas in the city at YMCA. They are served hot and spicy and the beautiful locationof the beach view will be something different. You must check this out as well

7. Ruchi Dosa Van, Chinna Waltair (Beside House Of Dosas)


Ruchi Dosa van offers one of the bestest Dosas in Vizag. This van even though is a movable van, it is kept in Chinna Waltair and will be available for you to taste from 7 PM to 10 PM in the evenings. You will be provided with a huge menu of dosas with different varieties of dosas. Cheese Dosa, Pizza Dosa, Corn Cheese Dosa, anything you taste will be just nothing but yumm.

8. Momos YMCA

If you are momo lover, then the one best place to taste momos on the street side in Vizag is definitely near YMCA. You can find different varities of momos here which you can choose from. Momo sauce served here is really tasty. Don’t miss checking this out.

9. Ice Core, Outside St. Anthony School, Nowroji Road

Sometimes in the summers or even in any season we feel like having something really cool. Then this ice core stall that can be found outside St. Anthony School takes you to your school days.

10. Beach Road Muri Mixture

How can one miss mentioning about the muri mixture while mentioning the must try snacks in Vizag. There is no one particular stall to mention, infact all the stall all along the beach road offers spicy, tasty muri mixture. Don’t miss eating muri mixture when you visit beach.

Make a checklist of these and start checking them one after the other. Have a great eating time foodies.

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