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10 Habits That Prove You Are A Lazy Person


Who claims themselves to be a lazy person. No one right!! It is not anything to be proud about. But don’t worry, laziness is in fact a state of mind. Yes, it is all in the mind and you just cannot escape from it until you make your mind. If you are in a position where you cannot be able to decide whether you are lazy or not, take a look at some of the habits that make you a lazy person.

These Habits Are A Proof You Are A Lazy Person


You put alarm for a particular time and you will never wake up at the first buzz, and you will have to snooze it at least 3 to 4 times.

Sometimes you don’t even wake up with the alarm buzz and the person sleeping beside you has to wake you up.

2.Last Minute Tasks

You do everything in the last minute. However important the task may be they get postponed and rescheduled just because of your laziness. You have them in mind but neglect doing them immediately.

3.Swiggy Is Your Best Friend

If you are living with your parents, then you have your mom to cook you and help you have all the delicacies to satisfy your taste buds. But in case if you are living away from home, then Swiggy becomes your best friend as your laziness doesn’t allow you to cook food.


Normally has a plan like that the lazy persons even have their plan. But the difference is that these lazy heads plans’ go through rescheduling a lot of times before they get finished.


You just love to scroll all the time. Yes, going through the news feed of your Facebook and other social media websites is all you do when you have nothing else to do as it requires less of your energy and attention.

6.Your Way Of Cleaning

Lazy persons have their own way of cleaning their home and they don’t actually dig in a lot for cleaning as it will take more of your energy and time as well.

7.Your Sundays Are Even More Lazy

Lazy people become even lazy during Sundays and other holidays. You just wish to spend your Sundays lying on bed with some food on one hand and a phone or remote on the other hand.

8.You Control As Long As You Can

This can be said your strength but it is not good for your health. You try to get control your urinary bladder as long as you can as you have to get up to urinate.

9.Texting Shortcuts

Internet is full of shortcuts but being a lazy person you create your own texting shortcuts while texting with your friends and family that only a few people will understand probably.

10.You Love To Sleep

You love to sleep anytime and anywhere. You feel sleep as your favourite thing as you can do just nothing during that time.

If you have completed reading this message, then I think you can restricted from being on the lazy persons list. Just kidding!! Share this with all those people whom you think are lazy.

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