10 reasons why we all love Peter Kavinsky


1. The way he smiles
When he smiles, it feels like you skip a heart beat. His smile is so infectious that even a bad day turns out to be good and sorrows turn to dust at least for a while.

2. Cause he plays the role of Peter Kavinsky
You may like Rahul in Kuch Kuch hota hain and I know this sounds absurd but Peter is like a much classy and realistic version of Rahul and though such guys don’t exist in real life. He makes us believe that there is someone for us who is just like him. He may be Noah but for us he is and will always be our Peter Kavinsky.

3. His instagram profile
He may be Peter Kavinsky in a Netflix movie but in real life he is Noah. He may have a million followers but his photos, caption are so relatable and common that it just makes us love him more.

4. For his transparency and bonding with Lara Jean
Yes, he had a relationship before and he admits it quite openly about it but he also has been transparent and loyal to Lara jean and speaks his heart and mind out despite the repercussions.

5. The way he looks at Lara jean
Lara jean is not just his girlfriend but also his friend that he relies upon. With twinkling eyes and the warmth in his heart he just makes us feel at home.

6. Believes in consent
He may be in love but understand the concept of ‘Consent’ thus he never forces her and also doesn’t get mad at her for her decision being taken.

7. Fights the world for her
There are times, we see people comment on her and it doesn’t bother at all when it comes to him. Even though he is the ‘Desirable boy’ in the college he takes a stand for her and walks along with her.

8. The way he instills confidence in lara jean
Previously we see lara jean being this nerdy, not so popular girl but with time when she starts talking with Peter, he appreciates her, has small talk and tells her that she is beautiful the way she is and needn’t any validation from others.

9. Takes the extra effort
He understands her insecurities and know her in and out, despite things go through a rough patch, he is with her through thick & thin.

10. He is Home
His prensence and taking care of little things, makes all of us feel at home.


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