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10 things every shopaholic can relate to!


Who doesn’t love shopping? We all do, regardless what the age group is. A person is described as a shopaholic if he/she has an addiction to shopping, which is one of the most socially accepted addictions. Usually women are said to be more addicted to shopping compared to men, but in recent times, men too are into excessive shopping. Many people spend too much money engaging in this activity. There are a few things which every shopping addict can relate to. Now lets see the top 10 among them.

1. Shopping is Therapeutic : Yes you have heard it right! Few people tend to start a shopping spree whenever they feel depressed as it makes them enthusiastic to try out the products and forget all the sorrows in the meantime. Shopping can instantly make a shopaholic happy and hence, “Shopping > Psychiatrist”.

2. The word “SALE” sounds heavenly : Literally every woman goes gaga on hearing the word “SALE”. Does a tag with “Rs. 1000” seem appealing? Nah! But what about a tag with “Rs. 1000 (25% off)”? YES! We would definitely purchase the product no matter how the quality is, because the discount sale is all that matters.

3. We never have anything to wear : Sudden meetup? Work calls? Impromptu trip? But do we have anything to wear? NO! Regardless of all the shopping, we still have nothing to wear. All the clothes seem to have disappeared just before the big day and hence, shopping calls!

4. Feel guilty of excess shopping : It’s a routine for a shopaholic to purchase and regret. We keep shopping beyond our needs and later cry out regretting. Buying and regretting becomes an endless cycle in the life of a shopaholic.

5. The pain when the dress we like doesn’t fit in : Do you think breakups are painful? Ever experienced the pain when the dress you like doesn’t fit in? It’s that moment of heartbreak which every shopaholic would relate to.

6. Bankruptcy is a real deal : After all the excess shopping, what exactly happens? Yes. Bankruptcy. All the excitement after shopping instantly vanishes on knowing that we are running out of money.

7. Credit cards are life savers : We never know, when an exciting deal shows up, then in the case of emergency shopping, credit cards come to use. Also we know the credit card number by heart.

8. Online shopping platforms made our lives so easy : Sitting on the couch and ordering our favorite products with just a tap, what else can be more convenient than this. New styles often inspire us into purchasing. We don’t have to rush to the stores but just could sit at home and have a shopping spree.

9. “ Your Delivery is delayed” is the least favourite message : Though online shopping is considered more convenient, delayed deliveries makes us think the other way. Our excitement goes down every time the message pops up. Whereas the message “Your delivery is arriving tomorrow”, makes us jump with joy.

10. Packed closet : More clothes, less space. Our closets are always packed with clothes and look exactly like a dump, yet we never stop purchasing more nor do we give away a few.

By Vindhya Vanamali

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