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10 Vintage Chocolates that’ll make you feel nostalgic of your childhood


We all used to love chocolates as kids and a lot of memories were tied up with them. We never used to give up on buying chocolates on our way back home from school. Also every function in school meant getting toffees and candies, which instantly made us happy. These days were obviously the best days of our childhood. We always feel nostalgic of how good our childhood days were and the chocolates that we never gave up on for anything else. So, here are the 10 vintage chocolates that’ll definitely remind you of your childhood

Phantom Sweet Cigarettes :

We all used to think as kids that smoking is cool, even though it isn’t and hence, having these sweet cigarettes made us feel “Gangsta” in our school and everyone just used to think that we were so cool. We immediately need these to be brought back.

Gold Coin Chocolates :

These chocolates were superior among all the other chocolates as these were considered as a richness by our younger selves. We all felt superior if we had these with us.

Lotte Coffy Bite :

Caffeine is something which is so addictive and with this fact, these caffeinated Coffy Bites were introduced into the market and just amazed us during our childhood. We were never satisfied with a single toffee of Coffy Bite.

Jelly Cups :

Jelly Cups were so satisfying in the taste and its consistency, which made us fall in love with them as kids. We also never resisted putting these jellies back to back into our mouths. The price of these Jelly Cups also seemed quite convincing for us to buy enough, during our childhood.

Hajmola Candies :

How can someone possibly forget these candies? These candies were everything to us during our childhood. The mixed taste of these candies is just unforgettable and hard to give up on, even today.

Poppins :

Poppins legit dominated our childhood in every possible way. Every colour of poppins were an absolute favorite for our younger selves. Yet we never used to eat them alone but used to share them with our friends.

Magic Pops :

These made our childhood interesting and fun. The popping of these delights in our mouth was so much fun and now, we hardly find these Magic Pops in stores. These were a classic treat in our childhood.

Mango Bite :

Mango is considered to be the king of fruits and here, Mango Bites are considered to be the king of chocolates. These were the birthday candies distributed by every kid on their birthday during our childhood. We can never possibly forget how these candies ruled our childhood.

Choci Choci :

The delightful chocolate filled in a plastic tube was yet another absolute favorite to our younger selves. These tubes were quite tasty and addictive back then. We can never forget the way we used to pump out every bit of chocolate from the tube.

Assorted Candies :

The different types of candies which were available in a box without wraps, were superior during our childhood. Different types of assorted candies with different taste and flavour were the boss of candies back then. One of the famous candies that we loved were, “Narinja Mitai”.

The list of our favorite chocolates which made our childhood special is never ending and some of these chocolates need to be brought back right away. Since the above listed chocolates made you feel nostalgic of your childhood, now go grab your favorite chocolates available from the stores and rewind your childhood memories with your friends.

Don’t forget to comment down the missed out ones along with your favourite chocolate from the above list.

By Vindhya Vanamali

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