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10 Ways to keep your diabetes under control


Keeping your blood sugar under control is very important. Having too much sugar levels in our body can lead to damage of the kidney or heart. Having too low sugar levels can lead to a lot of problems and sometimes can lead to unconsciousness and seizures in severe cases. The better way to lead a healthy life is to have your blood sugar under control

Here are few ways you can keep your diabetes under control.

1. Start exercising

Physical activity is one important form to keep your diabetes under control. While you exercise, your muscles will be needing an extra amount of energy. Your muscles tend to use sugar for energy. This way insulin in your body can be used efficiently. If you are a beginner start with mild workouts and then increase it day by day.

2. Keep your stress levels low

This might sound difficult, but stress can lead to an increase in your blood sugar. When you are under prolonged stress, the hormones your body releases might affect your blood sugar levels. The best way to keep a check to your stress is to indulge in activities like meditation, yoga and exercising. Studies showed that people who tend to relax more and indulge in physical activities significantly reduced their stress and have low blood sugar levels.

3. Keep an eye on your carb intake

When you consume more carbs, your body breaks down those carbs into sugars and then can store these sugars in your body for energy. As a result, you can see a spike in your blood sugar. The best way is to plan your meals accordingly and include a low carb diet.

4. Include fibre in your diet

Fibre helps in sugar absorption and carb digestion to make it slower. A high fibre diet can help in reducing blood sugar. Try to include vegetables, fruits, wheat bread, dried beans, sweet potatoes, pumpkins. Soluble fibre is most effective and can lead to blood sugar management.

5. Stay hydrated all the time

Having plenty of water can help you flush all the toxins and excess sugar through urine. You can also prevent dehydration. Never try to have sugary drinks. This will only increase your blood sugar. Always drink non-caloric drinks and water.

6. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is necessary for your health. Lack of sleep and rest can affect your sugar levels and also can affect the growth release hormones. Lack of proper sleep doesn’t only affect sugar levels. But also can lead to weight gain and an increase in appetite. Have a good sleep in terms of quality and quantity.

7. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake

Smoking can lead to serious health issues and also can complicate your diabetes. Nicotine can lead to high or lower blood sugar. Also, drinking alcohol can lead to a raise in blood sugars or lower blood sugar at dangerous levels. Try switching to a light beer and not more than a single drink every day. Try to cut back the alcohol intake if at all possible.

8. Maintain a moderate weight

If you are overweight or underweight try to correct it naturally by including foods that help you to maintain a moderate weight. Regular exercises can help in burning excess calories. Use the BMI Body Mass Index to measure your body fat using your height and weight.

9. Never skip your breakfast

It is ideal not to skip any of your meals in a day. As we all know how much it is important to have breakfast every day. Consuming a high protein breakfast helps you to control your post-meal glucose spikes.

10. Avoid taking large meals

It is ideal to have 6 smaller meals than two large meals. Feeding your body all day helps you to manage the blood sugar levels than to have one large meal. So try to take smaller meals or snacks all day long to avoid the highs and lows in your blood sugar.

Visit your doctor and keep an eye on your blood sugar levels all the time. Take your medicines on time as prescribed by your doctor. Including all these small changes in your lifestyle can help your diabetes under control and also people with diabetes helps to lessen the risk of developing diabetes.

By Priyanka Komakula

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