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10 Weird practices followed by Queen Elizabeth


The Queen never wears new shoes

The Queen always wears handmade black patent leather shoes. But she never wears shoes just after buying them, since the leather in the new shoes is quite hard. So, she has employees whose job is to wear her new shoes and ensure they are comfortable enough. Such employees always have to wear socks and walk on the red carpet while wearing the Queen’s new shoes.

She cannot take Selfies

Taking a selfie, either solo or with anyone else is against the Royal protocol. As a part of her Royal Etiquette, the Queen also cannot sign autographs for anyone. Being the 21st century equivalent of an autograph, the selfie is forbidden.

She never went to School

But that does not mean she is not educated. In fact, she received the best tutors in the country and is quite educated. Throughout her early life, she received an exclusive and private education at home.

She has never Voted

The Queen has the power and the right to vote. But she is expected to remain politically neutral and that means no voting. Being the reigning monarch, she always stays away from the voting systems.

She has never taken a driving test

The Queen can drive very well and is also quite fond of driving. But she never had to take or pass a driving test! She loved to drive her famous Range Rover but needs no driving license to do it. She herself drove Saudi Arabia’s Prince Abdullah around in one of her country estates.

She does not have a passport

That’s because she does not need one! All passports are issued in her own name. So, naturally, she does not need one. She can travel freely, anywhere!

She has never dated

The Queen never had to date. She met the love of her life, Prince Philip, when she was just 13. The Queen and her husband are related and are actually Third Cousins. The couple exchanged letters during their courtship phase. She got engaged at 21. They have been together for 70 years!

She is not on any social media

It is yet another part of the Royal protocol. Being the Queen, she has many security, privacy, and image concerns. This is also why Meghan Markle had to delete all her social media accounts after her marriage to Prince Harry.

She does not wear a hat in the evening

The Queen is almost always spotted wearing a hat. The Royal Etiquette needs women to wear hats at all formal events. However, hats are not to be worn after 6P.M. Come evening, the Queen parks the hat and wears a Tiara instead.

She has to keep her Chin parallel to the ground

Being the Queen, she is always expected to look graceful and elegant which is why she has to keep her chin parallel to the ground all the time. She also always has her hands at their sides and her toes pointed towards the railing while she walks.

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