11 book to Movie Adaptations That Shouldn’t Have Happened


Certain things shouldn’t be emulated or copied into another medium as the essence gets lost – books are one of them. It is an escape from reality and a little longer than a 90 minute experience. At times books adapted to a movie is a feast to an eye but most of the time it turns out to be a testament of injustice to the author’s work.

The 11 movies, that should have stayed in their paperback format –

The Great Gatsby: There is no doubt about how great the book version is, it’s a timeless classic for a reason, but the movie just did not do it justice. It was awkward at times, with weird silences and expressions that were meaningfully portrayed in the book.

The Hobbit: They took this concise light read novel, and spanned it over three movies, making it lose their point. With jokes that wouldn’t set in the tone of the ‘Middle Earth’, the movie was a flop, especially after considering the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

The Book Thief: The book follows the dark story of a young girl in Nazi Germany, and it’s a very moving and touching read. However, the movie borders on mockery, with its glossy undertones and setting completely ruined the essence of the sadness and the struggle of the novel.

Gulliver’s Travels: The 2010 movie adaptation of the amazingly written Jonathan Swift novel was just lazy. There was no interest-grabbing moment in the entire movie, whereas every page of the novel gripped the attention of the reader.

Percy Jackson Series: Everyone went crazy when they found out about the upcoming movies, but boy, did they disappoint. The actors were too old to be playing the main characters and it was entirely without the adrenaline that we felt while reading the beloved books.

The Girl on the Train: They did the same exact thing to Gone Girl, and that is, they made this layered and riveting movie so one-dimensional that it almost seemed stagnant and boring.

Paper Towns: The movie was supposed to capture the worry, the anxiety, that the characters went through thinking about Margo. They weren’t supposed to care about the prom. That added, irrelevant, element made it seem like a regular romantic comedy.

My Sister’s Keeper: They entirely ruined the movie by changing the ending! It was supposed to tug at our heartstrings in a completely different and more touching way than it did in the movie. (No spoilers!)

Inferno: The book was thought-provoking and intriguing. The movie was the complete opposite of it. It squeezed all the good parts out and what was left was too bland for anyone to actually appreciate.

The Time Traveler’s Wife: The novel was dark, with characters that had depth and had an alternative vibe going on. The movie, however, failed to capture the bleak essence and came off as a regular straightforward romance drama.

The Golden Compass: The novels were complex and intricately written stories of philosophy mixed in with love, religion, and was entirely multi-dimensional. Yet the movie was so tastelessly written that it came off as a boring, shallow children’s movie.

By Yukta Baid

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