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11 Little things you can do to save water


Do you know that we waste up to 45 litres of water on average per day? Knowingly or unknowingly we do leave the water tap running while doing some daily activities. This might lead to water wastage. Approximately 163 million people in India do not have the access to clean water. And if we continue wasting the water like we do every day, tomorrow we can be the one in that 163 million.

So it’s high time we start conserving the water. Here are the little things and changes we can do in our daily life to save water.

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth

Sometimes we unknowingly leave the tap open while brushing our teeth. This might seem like a little waste. But doing this daily will lead to a lot of water wastage.

Use washing machine for full loads only

Use the washing machine only when you have a full load only will reduce the amount of water for every wash. Not only water, but you can also save electricity too!

Reduce your shower time

Stop taking long showers. Taking long showers sound therapeutic but this lead to a lot of water wastage. If you can’t resist taking long showers try to reduce it to once a week or a month.

Reuse rainwater

Try to collect the rainwater and try to reuse it for your plants. You can also use it while washing your vehicles.

Check for leaks

We often delay the leaks we find to get them fixed. But those leaks might generally fill up small buckets or mugs. So ideally we are wasting water every day.

Reuse RO filter wastewater

On average 3 litres of water is turned into wastewater for a litre of drinking water. So, why waste that water? Instead, we can use it to clean the utensils, vehicles and even water plants.

Do not use running water to wash vehicles

It seems fun to use a pipe to wash cars, bikes. But this way we tend to waste a lot of water. Instead, we can substitute running water with a bucket of water and a sponge to clean.

Turn off the tap while lathering your hand when washing your hands or face

While washing our hands we often leave the tap running while lathering our hands or face. This will lead to the wastage of water. So turn off the tap when not required.

Wash fruits and veggies in a bowl or pot instead of running water

Washing every fruit or vegetable under the running water will lead to a lot of water waste. It is ideal to wash the veggies or fruits in a bowl or even a pot filled with water.

Turn off the tap while cleaning dishes

While doing the dishes we often waste a lot of water by leaving the tap open. Instead, we can turn off the tap when not required. You can also opt for a dishwasher and run it when you have a full load.

Bring your own water bottle

This sounds simple but bringing your own water bottle will not only save water, but also you can help in conserving nature by reducing plastic usage which also helps you to save your money.

Remember every drop counts. Saving a little bit of water here and there will definitely reduce a lot of water wastage.

Save water. Save earth.

By Priyanka Komakula

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