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11 Simple tips that will help you to reduce your screen time and to treat your mobile addiction


With the increase in technology, everyone is spending hours on mobiles in one way or another. But considering the fact that everything is becoming online, it is obvious to have at least 4-8 hours of mobile screen time for everyone apart from working employees. As we all know sometimes we unknowingly spend hours and hours of time on social media or by binge-watching our favourite series or movies.

We all know that we are damaging our eyes, wasting our time and even the posture of our neck and body. But getting rid of mobile addiction isn’t that easy. But by following some simple tips we can definitely reduce our screen time. Here are a few simple yet easy tips and strategies that will help you to reduce screen time.

Track and Limit your Screen time

The best way to know how much time we are spending on our phone is by tracking our screen time. If you spend 5 hours on your mobile a day, try to limit it to 4 hours the next day and gradually reward yourself for reducing the screen time.

Don’t bring your charger to your bedroom

We spend 6-10 hours in our bed. Try spending this time either by sleeping or reading. The main reason for excessive screen time is plug points beside our beds for charging. This will definitely affect our screen time. Sometimes we even use mobile phones while charging. Try to avoid this.

Try to indulge in new Hobbies

Try to start focusing on hobbies which you might have left or give more time for your hobbies than staring at screens. This way you can reduce your screen time and also increase your skills. You can also start yoga or workout which will not only keep you away from the phone but also helps in cutting the screen time.

Push most used Apps to last page

This might sound silly but this is really effective. If you see those apps in the front page of your mobile screen there are too many high chances that you might click on it and start indulging in that app. If you click on the app 10 times a day while in the front page but if you push those apps to the last page, you can be able to reduce it atleast to 5-8 times. Which is less compared to the previous time.

Keep your mobile out of sight

Keep your mobile in another room or out of your sight while you are working or studying. This doesn’t only let you focus on your work but also you can reduce your screen time.

Turn off Notifications

Turning off unnecessary notifications leads to reducing the mobile pickup count. Every time you need not to check your mobile for unnecessary notifications. You can also mute your unnecessary whatsapp groups and chats. Simple yet very effective in reducing the screen time.

Try the actual Alarm clocks

Try to invest in an actual alarm clock rather than setting an alarm clock on a mobile. This will help you not to bring the mobile to your bedroom. Also helps to reduce the radiation that is emerging out of your phone when placed near your bed.

Opt for books

Instead of investing in e-books try to opt for actual books. This will not only reduce your screen time, but also helps to cut off the mobile for some time and while you engage in reading.

Have Meals without mobile

We even have meals while watching a movie or a series. We sometimes even spend more time searching for what to watch rather than watching. Having meals without a mobile will not only focus you on your food but also will allow you to have a good conversation with your family.

Spend time with family and friends

Cut off mobile for a few hours and try to have some quality time with your family and friends. Try catching up with your friends in real life rather than video calling. This way you can build your relations too!

Try social media detox

Another famous trend going on social media is the Social media detox. Try to deactivate or delete the social media apps on your mobile. This will definitely reduce your screen time.

Remember there is another world apart from your screens and try to reduce your screen time and stay healthy and happy!

By Priyanka Komakula

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