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11 Things every Vizagite will connect to!


Vizagites, people of Vizag. We do love our city as much as we do love ourselves. It still stood as a smart city and is one of the cleanest cities too making us feel proud. Here are a few things you can connect to if you are a Vizagite.

1. Beach is heaven

Feeling sad? Feeling lonely? Feeling happy? One place to feel better is ‘THE BEACH’.
Need a place to celebrate birthdays? Anniversaries? Picnics? One place to celebrate it ‘THE BEACH’

2. CMR central

Shopping? Gaming? Food? One place that unites us Vizagites is CMR Central. No matter what, we can literally spend more than 2 hours here easily.

3. Long drive= Beach roads

Of course, we do love long drives. But our beach road long drives are heaven. These are therapeutic and fills our hearts.

4. Oxygen towers

We do feel proud by watching the 35 floor biggest oxygen towers. If anyone visits our city, we make sure we show them oxygen towers and tell them this is the largest building in the whole Vizag.

5. Rushikonda beach and Maggi

The long drives and the RushiKonda beach’s Maggi is heaven for us. No wonder we do take some time just to go there feel the breeze and have Maggi.

6. Simhachalam

The famous temple where everyone makes sure to pay visits despite the season. Of course, we make sure not to miss the famous laddu and pulihara.

7. Beach and Muri mixture

We never come out of the beach to home without having the famous muri mixture near the beach. Of course, the roasted corn and ice creams are complimentary.

8. Poorna market

Our one-stop destination for all wholesale needs. Whether it may be groceries or stationery items or even clothes this place is a one-stop destination for all our needs

9. Jagadamba and Melody theatres

No matter what inox it is, we do love watching films in melody and Jagadamba. We even have a belief that movies must be watched only in jagadamba and melody theatre

10. Araku for a Long weekend trip

No matter how many times we visit araku we never get bored of it. If it is monsoon we make sure to take a trip to araku or lambasingi just to not to miss the experience.

11. Sampath Vinayaka temple for every new vehicle start

Even if it is a cycle, bike or car we make sure to first do a pooja near the Sampath Vinayak temple. One-stop where all the new vehicles start.

By Priyanka Komakula

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