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11 Tollywood movie sequels that didn’t do well near the box office


We do re-watch a film if at all we like it so much. With the hit at the box office and the amazing response for that movie, the makers try to deliver the same kind of movie with almost the same characters, naming it as sequel. But not every film can create the same impact that it had created with the prequel.

Here are a few films that disappointed us as well as didn’t do well near the box office.

1. Manmadhudu 2

We all love Manmadhudu. The dialogues, comedy and the simple story line made us watch the film for minimum 10 times and more. With the same buzz, Rahul Ravindran, actor turned director, tried to deliver a sequel for this movie. Unfortunately this didn’t do well near the box office and wasn’t liked by many.

2. Robo 2.0

We all loved Robo which was released in 2010. After almost 8 years, Director Shankar delivered a sequel for it as Robo 2.0. Of course director Shankar never disappoints us in the form of visuals and taking, but this film wasn’t liked by many people and turned out as a flop.

3. Kick 2

One of the best Ravi Teja’s films, Kick, is liked by many people. With the same enthusiasm and confidence director Surender Reddy tried to deliver a sequel Kick 2. Sadly, this didn’t do well near the box office.

4. Nagavalli

We all love Chandramukhi. Probably the first horror film for most of the 90’s kids. But when Venkatesh tried to bring a sequel it didn’t do well and stood as a disaster at the time of its release.

5. Sardar Gabbar Singh

After 3 consecutive flops, Pawan Kalyan returned back with a solid hit with Gabbar Singhin 2012. When K.S.Ravindran tried to deliver a sequel for it named Sardar Gabbar Singh, unfortunately it didn’t do well.

6. Shankar dada zindabad

We all loved Megastar Chiranjeevi as Shankar dada in Shankar dada mbbs. With the same characters when he did the film Shankar dada zindabad, it didn’t do well near the box office. That was the last film he did before he started his re-entry in 2017 with Khaidi no.150 as a hero.

7. Arya 2

Arya, a movie that turned Allu Arjun’s career completely. When he did try to come back again with a sequel Arya 2. Although we liked it, unfortunately it didn’t do well near the box office because of its mixed reviews and talks at that time.

8. Satya 2

Satya, a 1998 film that was directed by Ram Gopal Varma was a sensational hit back then. But when he tried for a sequel again in 2013, sadly that didn’t turn out to be a hit near the box office.

9. Mantra 2

Charmi, who has bagged a lot of craze with her horror flick Mantra back then in 2007, unfortunately couldn’t find the same craze at the box office when the sequel of it Mantra 2 released.

10. Avunu 2

A horror/thriller we all loved Avunu which was released in 2012. As much as we hate the character Captain Raju, we all loved Ravi Babu’s performance and his direction. But when he tried to deliver a sequel for it, sadly people couldn’t find the magic as in the prequel.

11. Gaayam 2

A political thriller which bagged as a hit in Ram Gopal Varma’s career, Gaayam in 1993. Unfortunately for the sequel, Gaayam 2 couldn’t do well near the box office.

Comment down the sequel that disappointed you the most!

By Priyanka Komakula

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