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12 Annoying Things That Every Skinny Person Comes Across


Areyy….Yaarr…. tu tho bahut choti lagti hein!!!

Really, do all the thin people look young. No that’s a myth in my opinion and when someone says this to a skinny person, the person feels annoyed. There are many other such things that annoy them and irritate them. Here are some of the common things that we are putting together to help you understand the thin person problems and if you are skinny person yourself, you will definitely connect with these things. So go on reading.

Situations Skinny Person Face In daily Life

• As soon as they see thin people everyone starts rhyming the same sentence to them and it is ‘ You need to eat more’. The hell with the sentence areyy… we do eat yaar, don’t assume our diet by our size

• People even show interest in towards knowing about skinny person’s health. They often pretend it as a problem and ask them to consult a doctor. Ohh Thank god.. Please never say this to anyone. It’s not funny at all

• Skinny people do workouts… because they too want to be healthy and it is nothing wrong in it. So, don’t ask a skinny person ‘Why you are doing workout… you are already skinny’

• Another most annoying thing that thin people come across in daily life is that people joke saying ‘You will blow away with the wind….Take care’. Remember that doesn’t sound like a joke for them

• It is very much difficult for them to find perfect fit clothing when go for shopping. This happens every time and many thin people opt to shop from the kids’ section

• People think thin persons occupy less space in the car or the auto rickshaw and will even sometimes force you to sit on someone’s lap to save space. This happens with many of the middle class skinny persons

• Another most annoying thing is that people often feel interested towards testing their strength. Ohh for god’s sake, stop doing it yaar.. it annoys them. Some ask them to play arm wrestling, some tap on their shoulders and check their wrist, some ask to hit hard

• People think that all the skinny people eat less and therefore they assume they cannot be foodies. This is absolutely foolishness. First they eat as much as they want and there are foodies in them too

• They try really hard to gain weight. But what annoys them the most is that they don’t gain weight and remain with the same weight for so many months

• Wrist watches and bracelets don’t perfectly fit their hand and they need to pin a new hole in the strap to make it fit

• People even say ‘You are lucky to be naturally skinny… you need to do no exercises and workouts’. But being skinny can actually make them feel uncomfortable and less confident also sometimes

• People compare them with a twig, skeleton, string bean and such other random skinny stuff which irritates them so much

We hope you understood the problems of skinny people and stop doing this to skinny persons the next time. If you are a skinny person yourself….yeah…you can thank us later… Share this let more people know.

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