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12 Best Dosa spots in Vizag to satisfy your Dosa cravings

12 Best Dosa

South India’s famous breakfast, dosa which everyone loves. To add a twist to dosa, there are different types of dosas available everywhere. But trying the best dosa is something which we shouldn’t miss. So, to sort it out, here are a few dosa spots in Vizag that serve the best dosas.

1. Venkatadri vantillu

A decent place for all the south Indian breakfast. Here you can find the best sponge dosa that is topped up with ghee and Karam podi. The groundnut chutney is something which you should try this dosa with!

Location: Siripuram

2. Hunger wheelz

Adding a twist with non-veg, this place serves many kinds of non-veg dosas that are made up of egg, chicken, mutton and even one with ulavacharu which you should definitely try. The chicken kheema dosa is something which you shouldn’t miss.
Location: Seethammadhara

3. Flying dosa factory

A famous place that serves all kinds of dosa varieties. You can find almost 81 varieties of Dosas here. Don’t forget to try the Pizza Dosa, Flying Jini Dosa here when you visit.
Location: 45 East, Beach road

4. House of dosas

A place that serves different types of dosas along with other starters. The pizza dosa here looks exactly like a pizza, which is definitely worth a try.
Location: Kirlampudi Layout

5. Dosa and attulu

Amidst all the fancy restaurants and varieties of dosas, a household near seethammapeta sells homemade dosas (known as Attulu) at just Rs 10 per plate. You can get lip-smacking 4 dosas or idlis at a very low cost.
Location: Seethammapeta, contact- 9948517288

6. Sai ram parlour
One of the famous places in Vizag that everyone makes sure to visit on their trip to Vizag. This place is always loaded with people waiting to have their food. At such a place, how can we not find our favourite dosa? Try the paper dosa, Ghee Karam Dosa here next time.
Location: Diamond park

7. Bake my wish
Another famous place which serves many varieties of dosas. The speciality of this place is that you can get dosas presented like a wrap. Don’t forget to try the paneer varieties.
Location: Lawson’s Bay colony

8. Chutneys

We all know how famous chutneys are for their food. A place that feels like heaven for vegetarians. Must try the cashew dosa and the ghee dosa.
Location: Dondaparthy

9. Nethi vindhu

It is true that we all hate Upma. but have you ever tried upma Rava dosa at Nethi vindhu? If not, you gotta try it now! The crispy rava dosa with upma that is topped up with a layer of Karam podi is something which you should not miss.
Location: Ramnagar

10. Ruchi dosa

What’s life if we don’t add a variety of flavours to it. The same applies to dosa. The paneer Jini Dosa here is something that is topped up with veggies and flavourful sauces to make it the best dosa you ever had.
Location: Kirlampudi layout

11. Jail road dosa trucks

There are many food courts near the jail road which is famous for night street food. There are many dosa trucks here which serve amazing dosas in many varieties. You cannot miss the delicious dosas here. Try dosa with your favourite veggies as your toppings.
Location: Jail road

12. Chakravarthy tiffins

Who doesn’t love a plain dosa which is crispy enough to munch it in tasty chutneys. Here at Chakravarthy tiffins we can find a dosa at very minimal cost with 4 different chutneys that have amazing taste.
Location: MVP Double road

By Priyanka Komakula

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