12 cartons of liquor worth Rs 1.5 lakh stole amid COVID-19 crisis in Visakhapatnam


While streets are deserted, people staying indoors as per the protocol of lockdown to curtail the spread of COVID-19. These thieves put stealing of alcohol as a priority than saving their lives.
In the early hours on Thursday, thieves barged in a closed liquor shop in Gajuwaka and stole approx of 144 liquor bottles in Gajuwaka. The shop is about 200 meter away from the police station.
For the 21 day lockdown being announced all the liquor shops, bars were closed as they don’t come under the essentials. When everything remains closed, these unidentified thieves opened the shutter and took as many bottles they could.
Case has been registered and further investigation is going on, to catch the thieves who are on loose.


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