12 year old girl who used to work in chilly fields in Telangana dies after walking 150 Km to go back to her home


The girl hailed from Chattisgarh, due to work and to earn a living, she worked with a couple of people in the chilly fields in Telangana.

Amid the lockdown she and the co workers wanted to return back to their home.

With this intention they started their journey on April 15 and chose the forest ways to reach their native place.

Meanwhile the 12 year old girl, have been puking and not keeping well on the way.

After walking 150 Km, her body gave up and she was rushed to the hospital and her death was declared.

The medical officials said that it was due to lack of good food and dehydration.

The part that was heart wrenching is after walking for so much, she was just an hour away from her home and she succumbed to death on the way.

The government has given a compensation of Rs 1 lakh but her life can’t be claimed back.

The lockdown has hit the daily wagers in an averse way. Everything remaining to be shut, there lives have also come to a halt.


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