14 Problems That Book Readers will Relate To!


Some people might think we’re weird for carrying 3 books to a 4-day vacation, but as fellow book lovers, we understand these issues that other people miss out on. They don’t understand how books are practically like the closet from Narnia, where we get transported into an entirely different world. Here are some problems that book nerds will relate to!

1. You have literally no space for books in your cupboard anymore. Books have taken over your bed, table, and pretty much your entire life.

2. You undergo immense indecision about which book to buy from your ‘to be read’ list, every single time you’re book shopping.

3. You get called a hoarder because you haven’t read all the books that you have, but are constantly buying more. Did you know there’s a study which claims us as geniuses and not hoarders?

4. When you’re out with people or in social situations, you think to yourself, “I’d rather be reading” at least 10 times.

5. You start comparing real-life situations to chapters from a book and get upset when no one understands the references that you make.

6. You prefer book-style romances between fictional characters to your own. The characters have just set an extremely high standard for actual people.

7. You get sad when one, or even two, of your favourite characters, die in the book that you’re reading and mourn their death very seriously.

8. You get frustrated when your other book nerd friends spoil the ending of your current novel for you.

9. You don’t know what to do with your life after completing the last book in a series and have 0 patience for the next one.

10. When letters written by characters in the book make you more emotional than real-life texts. (No one writes letters anymore and it’s just sad.)

11. When the movie adaptation of any book is terrible and you keep shouting “THEY SPOILED IT!”, at the screen.

12. When you read a line that is so well-written, you just have to close your eyes for a moment and stare at the wall for the next few minutes.

13. When you get sad about the fact that you can never read a book that you really like for the first time again. But it doesn’t matter because they affect you the exact same way, no matter the number of rereads.

14. When someone asks you about your favourite book, and you slip into an existential crisis because of the inability to choose one book as your favourite and also because of the number of books you haven’t read yet.

By Yukta Baid

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