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15 best early 20’s love stories that stood as all time classics

15 best early 20’s love stories that stood as all time classics

We might have seen real-life love stories, but there are movies that have taken us to the fantasy world and made us think about how beautiful love looks. Tollywood has never failed in delivering such classic love stories to the audience. Here are some early 20’s best love stories we do watch repeatedly.


The film which shows the sacrifice one can make to keep loved one’s happy. The triangle bonding between brother and sister, story and these dialogues are still famous and are heard everywhere.


Being a dubbed film, this film has a separate fan base among the Telugu people too! The songs are still on everyone’s playlists. This movie still stays a favourite to many of us.

Nuvve kavali

Two best friends turn out to develop feelings for each other and are afraid of losing each other. Will they succeed in their love is something you should watch in the film.

Nuvvu naaku nachav

The best rom-com till date. It’s been 20 years and still this stays a classic movie. Everyone must have watched this film at least 10 times. The story, songs and dialogs still haunt us.


A milestone film in Pawan Kalyan’s cinema career. This movie is still everyone’s favourite. This movie and those songs are still in everyone’s playlist.

Nuvvu nenu

The love story of a rich guy and a poor girl whose parents deny their wedding. How they tend to meet and make their love succeed even after many hurdles is what makes this film interesting.


A small film, yet a classic. Enemies who turn out to develop feelings for each other and fall for each other when they stay apart from cities. After a lot of misunderstandings, will they express their feelings and stay together is something you must watch in the film.

Manasantha nuvve

Best friends who get separated in their childhood want to make their love successful. They do meet after they grow up and one of them doesn’t realise it. They do succeed in knowing each other but do they confess their love and have a happy ending is something you need to know if you haven’t watched this film.

Nuvve nuvve

A story of a guy and girl who falls in love eventually but the heroine’s father denies it. This movie shows a beautiful bond between a father and daughter. Must watch romantic comedies if you haven’t.


This movie not only shows the bonding between the friendship but also shows that two best friends can turn into lovers. Sunil and his comedy is something which gives this movie a classic tag. Still a favourite to many of us.


A man who doesn’t like women because of his past tends to fall in love again with an engaged woman. Another classic hit which we do watch repeatedly.


A guy who loves a girl despite that girl loving another girl and doing everything she wants finally wins her heart. This movie shows a man can do anything, even sacrifice her to keep his loved one happy.


This movie is about a couple who separates due to misunderstandings and get to know about it when the heroine is in danger. They do succeed again in falling for each other but the villain stays as a hurdle. A classic action packed romantic film.


A Sekhar kammula’s classic film. When you want to watch some classic love story, this is a go to film which calms and gives peace to our soul. The cute fights and love story between the couple makes the movie worth watching.

Nuvvostanante nenoddantana

Another rich boy and poor girl love story who meets in a wedding and falls in love. Turns out the guy’s parents and the girl’s brother both don’t agree for their wedding. He tries to impress her brother after running away from his home.

Comment down your favourite rom-com or love story which you have seen multiple times and don’t get bored!

By Priyanka Komakula

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