15 year old cycles around 1200 km with her ailing father to reach their hometown


It is indeed sad to see that though a certain section of society are privileged, they have issues with internet connection or no chips packet available in their homes.

But as we widely open our eyes and look around, there are so many people who are genuinely suffering to get back to their homes.

Story of this 15 year old girl who wears a bright pink salwaar kameez, literally rode for eight days constantly with her ailing father to reach her hometown in Bihar.

It was about two months before lockdown where her father who used to drive rickshaw suffered from an knee injury.

With the least savings of 2000 the girl bought a second hand cycle, wrapped some food and water, started the journey from Haryana to Bihar.

Even her father was quite stumped to see her courage and determination, seeing this, she was all of praises from Ivanka trump to leading leaders in India.

After things go back to normal, she is asked for a cycling trial and things fall in place her energies can be channelised in the right direction.


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