26 Tourist places of Vizag that one shouldn’t miss out


Whether you are a tourist or a vizagite you need to venture in these places as Visakhapatnam, lovingly called Vizag, is one of the oldest port cities in the country and the biggest city of the state. It is an important industrial city maintaining harmony with nature’s gifts of having both beautiful valleys and beaches.

The city sets an ideal example of development coexisting with nature. An industrial city also a prominent educational city being the main tourist hub because of the natural geography and the rich architectural heritage makes it the “city of destiny”. You carve in your own destiny here.

A trip through the city gives you a fun-filled tranquil experience. A drive along the beautiful coastline soothes the soul and the beauty of the valleys by the Eastern Ghats will make a mark in one’s heart. Here are some of the places in the city that you cannot miss going along the coastline.

Along the city beaches, Rishikonda beach is one of the most popular beaches. With its emerald green waters and golden sandy shore makes it perfect for a calm evening. If you are looking for adventure, Rishikonda beach has all the activities varying from water skiing, scuba diving, rafting to paragliding. The waters are suitable for swimming and on the whole, deserves its title ‘jewel of the east coast’.

2.Yarada Beach:

The scenery of the beach is as if brought straight out of movies. Surrounded with hills on three sides and covered with coconut and banana trees, it looks like a secret beach with crystal clear waters. It is far from the maddening crowd and is one of the well-maintained beaches in India. If you want to escape the city rush and madness, this no less than paradise and you are headed towards the right destination.

3.Bheemli Beach:

Bheemunipatnam, the second oldest municipality in India and the shore makes a beautiful seafront. The drive along the shore is relaxing. Bheemli stands as a testament to the Dutch colony. The Dutch bungalows and the 18th-century lighthouse are the main attractions of the place. Town in red gives you an aesthetic vibe.
4.RK Beach

One can call Rama Krishna beach as the life of the city. The shore is always bustling with not only the tourists but the locals as well. Beach is filled with local food vendors, horse and camel rides. One can find children playing in the sand, young people chilling out and the old with their peers. On the whole, the sound of the crashing waves lets you find peace among the chaos.

When talking about valleys, one can not forget
5.Aruku Valley:

With a journey of 120km from the city, you reach one of the most beautiful hill stations. Located at an altitude of 911m above sea level, its surrounded by the beautiful thick forests of Eastern Ghats mountain range. The serenity of the valley is enchanting with streams, waterfalls, coffee and tea plantations and the mystical weather. Aruku is inhabited by the tribes and famous for the ‘Dhimsa dance. The tribal museums and not to forget the amazing coffee you get there along with Padmapuram gardens and waterfalls like Katiki, Chaprai and Ananthagiri hills gives you an experience of a lifetime.

6.Borra Caves

Located in the Ananthagiri hills of the Araku valley, borra caves are the marvelous creation of nature. The stalactites and stalagmites form unique and interesting structures and are one of the only existing structures of middle paleolithic culture. The caves are visual wonder and example of the marvelous creations of nature.

The Kashmir of the south, Lamabasingi is the only place in the southern region that witnesses snowfall as the temperature here goes as low as zero degrees Celsius. With pepper and coffee plantations and cool wind blowing around, it gives an enchanting experience.

8.Kondakarla ava

The freshwater lake filled with lotus, where a lot of birds migrate. Imagine a lake filled with pink and white lotus flowers, birds chirping around and running your hand through the water as you go into the lake in a boat. Kondakarla ava is just this imagination. Located 40km away from the city, this beautiful place will give you a serene experience.

This 11th-century temple devoted to Lord Vishnu in Narasimha Avatharam, the temple holds much importance not only in the locals but devotes all around the state. The Chandanotsavam which is celebrated in the month of April or May every year, when the covering of sandalwood is removed from the idol of Lord Narasimha and the deity comes in its original form. the 11th century architecture with a square shrine over the top and extremely detailed stone cravings that make the overall structure spectacular.

10.Rose Hill Church

The Vizag port is surrounded by 3 hills which has lord Venkateswara temple on one, the other has a mosque and the tallest one among them has Church. The name of the hill is after Monsieur Ross, the local judge who is known to have a house on the hill. The breath-taking view and the elegant architecture make it a place that you cannot miss.
11.Katiki Waterfalls

Among the dense forests of the magical Araku valley, from about 50feet height, the Gostani river falls magnificently forming the katiki waterfalls. An adventurous trek will take you this spectacular wonder and an experience which you can cherish for a lifetime.


Kailasagiri is a well-maintained park which is situated on a hilltop with an amicable atmosphere. It is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. It offers a panoramic view of the city and the 40feet tall statue of lord shiva and Parvati is the major attraction. There is the ropeway which takes you to the hilltop is quite an amazing experience. And the train which takes around the hill is quite enjoyable. Altogether visit to kailasagiri will be a quite refreshing experience.

13.VMRDA Park (VUDA Park)
Situated on the RK beach road, it is one of the attractive and easily accessible parks. With boat ride, well-equipped playpen , children’s garden and beautiful lawns bordered with different trees it relaxes as well as it entertains its visitors.

14.Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary
Want to thrill the adventurer in you, then Kambalakonda is your destination.
With Indian Leopard as the star attraction, and activities like Skywalk, Tire walk, Valley Crossing, zip line it satisfies your adrenaline rush. And also being one of the few wildlife sanctuaries of Andhra Pradesh you can spot a wild boar, deers and many other animals.

15.Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

It is the largest zoological park of Andhra Pradesh which is spread over 625 acres and is home to 80 species of wildlife. It will make one’s trip to Vizag complete and the children will have a lot of fun along with gaining experience.
16.Bojanna Konda

Bojanna konda is one of the most remarkable Buddhist heritage sites. It shows the three major Buddhist influences- Hinayana, Mahayana, Vajrayana. It’s two thousand year old with monolithic stupas, caves, artefacts, etc. a visit to the place takes us back into the history and makes us wonder about our rich culture and heritage.

Thotlakonda means the ‘hill of stone wells’, this also is a 2000-year-old Buddhist heritage site. It was a residential and an academic complex for several Buddhist monks. The place offers a panoramic view of the city and a serene atmosphere with a knowledge gaining experience.

18.Dolphin’s Nose

A spectacular view with lush green background and the tranquil environment along with the sound of the majestic sea can be found on the dolphin’s nose. The lighthouse is the main attraction of this place. Though this is under the Indian Navy control, the Navy permits the civilians cause they know that the beauty of the place must not be missed.
19.Matsya Darshini

This huge and beautiful aquarium set up by the municipal corporation in 1994 is home to various aquatic animals and both freshwater, marine fishes. There are many rare species of fish which were brought from other counties. Both children and adults can have an amusing and knowledge gaining experience.

20.Submarine Museum

INS Kurusura is the first submarine in Asia and second of the world to be turned into a museum. The place holds the essence of patriotism and inspiration.

The museum portrays the milestones in the journey of the submarine, the various parts of the submarine and the difficulties of life inside it. This museum cannot be missed in Vizag.

21.TU 142 Aircraft Museum

The Albatross- TU 142m served 30,000 hours of accident-free service to the Indian Navy, and was converted into the aircraft museum, opposite to the submarine museum. The parts and equipment of the aircraft along with others. The space around the flight is designed like an airport, giving its visitors an amazing experience.

22.Victory at Sea Memorial

This is an Indian commemoration built after the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. It is situated at the beach road, and displays the tri-service representation of artefacts. T-55 tank, a fighter plane, P 21 surface to surface missiles and the RZ-61 surface to air missiles are displayed here. “the nation that forgets her defenders needs no ancestors” are engraved on the central tower reminding us of the sacrifices and bravery of our country’s soldiers.

23.Jagadamba Junction

One of the busiest places and the heart of the city. The iconic Jagadamba the theatre became the centre of the city. The huge market from big shopping malls to small scale shopping centers, from food to clothing to accessories – you name it. It’s the city shoppers stop!
Wanna drive fast and furiously go-karting is right there away from the city limits, near bheemili. Adventurous people can not only try this but also splash the town with colours at paintball.
Though it takes an odd-time to drive till there, the view seems exotic and can get the apt pictures right under that bridge.
26.Visakha Museum
The house for historical treasure located in the city of destiny. It has all the treasures from coins to manuscripts and letters that give an insight about the early settlers. As you enter the museum it takes you back to the era and has some amazing collections that will keep you in an awe. The artefacts have been restored rightfully and is up there for display.


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