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3 disasters that Vizagites withstood other than the pandemic


Given the current circumstances, everyone would say covid is the major disaster that has ever happened. But there were a few disasters even before the pandemic.


No one would ever forget when hud-hud hit Vizag in October 2014. It all started with moderate winds and a cloudy sky. None would have imagined the loss it gave us, the Vizagites. There were winds with a speed of over 185 km/h. In the view of the cyclone, over 70 trains have been cancelled then. Emergency evacuations have been made and people were put up in relief camps and were shifted to safe places.

Cyclone of such magnitude has not hit Vizag for over 100 years told the records. The loss hud-hud made was inevitable. Even the greenery of the Andhra University and Zoo were totally damaged by the cyclone.

Many vehicles, roads, wires were damaged. Even the airport was damaged. Petrol bunks, colleges, schools everything was shut down due to the immense damage that occurred.

There was no power for one week in the city due to the breakage of transformers and current wires. There were over 124 human fatalities and many injuries.

Still, Vizag people withstood it, embraced the loss and became normal within no time. All the greenery that was lost due to hud-hud was back within a year.


On May 7th 2020, there was a major gas leak occurred at LG polymers, a chemical plant in R.R. Venkatapuram village.

There was a pungent smell of gas everyone experienced which later on made everyone dizzy. The early evacuation of some people made them safe. But even before anyone could guess what’s happening, they fainted.

Digging it deeper, the main reason why everyone fainted is because of the compound called styrene. From one of the containers, this gas was leaked after the opening of the industry right after the lockdown that was held due to COVID-19 nation wide.

11 human lives and over 32 animal lives lost their lives. More than 1000 people fell sick after inhaling the gas. To stop the effect of the gas, 500 kgs of the antioxidant was arranged by the government. Meanwhile, people evacuated the place with over a 3km radius. This disaster happened during the pandemic.

The farmers were asked to destroy the crops as they were not safe to consume. Even the drinking water supply was also stopped due to the possibility of contamination. Water tankers were made available until the GVMVC did the disinfection and sanitization in the affected houses.

Situations were brought under control by the night where people were advised to stay safe by taking precautionary measures.

Fire at HPCL:

A fire accident occurred at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited(HPCL) refinery in Visakhapatnam on May 25th, 2021. A sudden blast took place in one of the crude processing units of the refinery. Following which the warning sirens were woken alerting the people in the refinery. But luckily there were no casualties and 4 people escaped with injuries. The fire started around 3:10 pm and was brought under control by 4:15 pm.

These were the tragedies that hit Vizag hard at that time which also became an eye-opener to everyone to stay safe in any situation and help others!

By Priyanka

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