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4 Best Places To Munch Pani Puri In Vizag

4 Best Places To Munch Pani Puri In Vizag

We call it pani puri, in North it is popular as gol gappa. But the taste is the same and the love it has got from everyone at any place is the same. Pani puri definitely have got a separate set of fan following who can be able to replace all their meals with this super spicey delicious lip smacking snack.

1. Pandurangapuram Pani Puri Stall (Near Ibaco)

This place is not an exclusive pani puri stall but the pani puri here is a must try for sure. The stall is located in a hustle bustle location which usually will be filled with people all the team especially during the evenings and weekends. So, give it a try when you visit the beach. You can have the delicious, tasty pani puri while starring at the beautiful beach view.

2. Laddu Gopal Pani puri (Beside Lifestyle Stores)

If you are a pani puri lover, but is very diligent when it comes to eating the street side food. Then this very hygienic and tasty pani puri will be your right choice. The puris you get here are really large in size, so they fill your stomach with just one plate and two plates will make you skip your meal definitely.

3. Sweet India Pani Puri (Near CBM Compound)

This has been a pani puri destination for North Indian pani puri lovers since many years. In Sweet India, you must try the sweet chutney to feel the sweet burst along with the savoury and tangy bites of pani puri.

4. Pani puri stall near AU Outgate

This is a really small, purely street side pani puri place. The stall is located outside Andhra University outgate and is pretty much known among the youngsters from AU campus. It is a must try and if you try it once, you can’t stay away from it.

Let us know your favourite pani puri spot in Vizag.

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