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4 historical sites in Vizag that you should know about


Vizag, the city with beautiful nights and definitely with delicious restaurants and beaches that one for all the joy and Instagram pictures. Of course this city belongs to people who love weekends and beaches but nevertheless this city also has some enigmatic aura of historic times that might interest that will eventually interest the “Antiquettes” or to be precise who loves to dive in history or the daily viewers of History television channel.

The Dutch Cemetery:

Located at Kummaripalem. This cemetery’s name is self explanatory that it is named after the Dutch’s. The entrance begins with the graves of Britishers. The Dutch Cemetery lies the graves of the Chief Charles Simpson, Alexander of Paris amongst others. The grave is covered by the vines which probably might contain the fossils of the triers of this city and by definition the travelers who were trying to rule this city. For certain reasons it’s at the port side of Vizag near the lighthouse which used to be ruled by the Dutch’s.

The King George Hospital of Visakhapatnam:

Treating more than 4000 people a day and especially during the Covid times, this place has been the backbone to this city. Well let’s get down to the memory lane of the time when none of us were there to witness it and it started as a civil dispensary serving to British India and later on turned as a 30 bedded hospital. This hospital now has its name widespread across the nation. This hospital is surviving and celebrating its 2 centuries and has been curing people who were suffering from influenza in 1918 and is curing Covid since past 1 year.

The Lighthouse of Vizag:

The lighthouse of Vizag plays an important role in the harbour of Vizag. The lighthouse has been doing its same work since it was made but serving colonial India at that time. The lighthouse had a gas-fired white diopter light of the second order, with brightness levels of 45,000 candles. The light flashes every 20 seconds and is clearly visible from 12 miles in clear weather.

During world war 2, it stored two Anti aircraft guns. The lighthouse has been in demolition and recreated.

Hawa Mahal:

Less known, Vizag also has its own Hawa Mahal. The palace witnessed many grand arrivals by the royal family, they honored them with classic Indian style cushions and mattresses with elephants and leaves design on it. This grand palace hosted a number of governors and high ranking dignitaries. Some of the prominent guests to this grand palace included the first prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru in 1961 who came to Visakhapatnam to inaugurate the Jalusha, Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad. This palace has also functioned as the first Women’s College of Vizag as well as a Nursing School for some time.

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