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4 Must Try Healthy Street Foods In Vizag


Street foods shouldn’t always mean unhealthy or junk foods. But there are also certain foods that are available as street foods in Vizag that you must give a try to make yourself used to lip-smackingly delicious foods. Check out the 4 healthy street foods that you must try.

Millets Vasenapoli

You may be aware of the highly popular south Indian breakfast recipe Vasenapoli. It is such a healthy breakfast itself and imagine being made with a more healthier ingredient millets. The delicious hot vasenapoli is served with generous amount of ghee.

Head to Girijan Bhavan Road in Sector 5, MVP Colony to enjoy this wonderful recipe.


Kudumu is yet another healthy recipe available in the various South Indian dishes that we usually take for breakfast. This steamed urad dal recipe, served with podi, and a choice of three spicy and tasty chutneys.

Head directly to Kenguva’s Food Point located in Seethammadhara and enjoy this recipe.

Jowar Roti

Jowar roti is yet another really healthy street food option available in the city. A plate of jowar roti comes with two rotis and dal or curry will make you crave for another plate. Visit Srilakshmi Tiffins in TPT Colony, Seethammadhara to experience this healthy street food.

Boiled Peanuts Or Corn

Corn and peanuts both are rich sources for proteins. You don’t have to go in search of these two to anywhere in the city. These are pretty much easily available on the footpaths at the beach road. Boiled peanuts, roasted and spiced corn are a good time pass foods that can help you in making your evening beach visits healthy.

So, whenever you feel like eating something from outside, do try these for sure.

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