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4 Things You Shouldn’t Miss Doing When You Are At Lammasingi


Lammasingi usually known and even pronounced as Lambasingi has become the most popular tourist destination and weekend getaway for people in and around the city of destiny. There are a certain thing which you shouldn’t miss doing when you are at Lammasingi. So, here is our checklist for you.

Don’t Miss Sunrise


This is a must have experience at Lammasingi. Nature lovers would never wish to miss an opportunity to experience sunset or sunrise. Misty, foggy mornings among the nature amidst the sounds of the nature will be memorable if you experience the sunrise from the hill top in Lammasingi. It will be around 5 kilometers hiking to the hilltop, and you will be headed to a village where you get a beautiful scenic view of the clouds that makes feel like you are above the clouds.

Never miss to wakeup early and hike to the hill top when you visit Lammasingi.

Strawberry Plucking


Strawberry crop is usually cultivated in the month of August, the crop gives fruit in the month of September. Usually strawberry picking activities in Lammasingi start in the early hours. You can enroll yourself in one such an activity and disappear in the fog and emerge with some freshly plucked strawberries.

Gaze At Stars In The Night From A Tent


Another must have experience when you visit Lammasingi the next time is staying in a tent. This is a thrilling stay where you get to experience the real climate and even you can gaze at the stars from the tent while falling asleep and wake up with the sun rays falling on your face.

Kothapalli Waterfalls


This is the right place to chill in the water after indulging yourself in the hyper-cool weather of Lammasingi. Kothapalli waterfalls even without proper infrastructure, this place has drawn the attention of the tourists from all over the state. Do visit Kothapalli waterfalls after completing your stay at Lammasingi.

Hope you add these things to your checklist and try these when you plan to visit Lammasingi.

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