48 year old Razia Begum drove solo to bring back her son from AP to Telangana amid lockdown


When there is agony and pain all around, there are certain heart warming stories to, that puts a smile on our faces, just like the story of Razia Begum.

Razia Begum lost her husband about 15 years ago and she has been living since then with her two sons. One of the son is an engineer and the other son aspires to become a doctor.

The younger son was in Nellore to drop his friend and got stuck there due to the lockdown been announced. The Mother couldn’t stay back at home till the lockdown was lifted, due to her worry, she took the permission of a police.

And set her journey to bring back her son safely to home, solely she drove from Telangana and covered about 1,400 km to bring back her son. She started on the early hours of Monday and brought back her son by Wednesday eve.

The reason why she didn’t allow her elder son to go out as the police may mistake him for breaking the norms, stopping at just the petrol bunks and having some rotis on the way, the mother conquered all the fears and broke all the boundaries just to get her son Nizammuddin back.

A mothers love is selfless and this is just a testament to it, nothing can stop her from protecting her child.


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