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5 Best Korean dramas that you should watch if you haven’t already

5 Best Korean dramas that you should watch if you haven’t already

The popularity of Korean dramas has increased with time. The main reason why these became popular is each serial does not consist of more than 16-20 episodes. We can also get to know the traditions and the way of living of Koreans. We simply fall in love with all those characters and the plot. Such dramas are not meant to be missed.

Here are a few best Korean dramas to start off your binge-watching of K-dramas.

Legend of the blue sea

This drama is about a mermaid who comes to land accidentally and meets a human. The hero, unfortunately, meets her and makes her learn everything. Fortunately, these both connect in terms of their previous lives too! This story is all about how they succeed in their life and who wants to kill them.

Crash Landing on you

This is a story of a girl from North Korea who lands in the demilitarised zone in North Korea after meeting an accident during paragliding. The captain from the North Korean police force rescues her and tries to send her home. Unfortunately, those two fell in love. He needs to send her back to her home without revealing her identity. How Do they both succeed in their love is something you need to watch it.

Playful kiss

This story is about a dumb girl who tries to succeed in her love with a popular and smart boy in the whole school. Eventually, both their families live together because of some issues and it is all about how he falls in love with her and lives after they married.

The heirs

This drama is about tales of friendship, sacrifice and love. The common problems between a rich boy and a poor girl who falls in love and how they succeed in their careers and love are shown. The complications in their relationships and the sacrifices they make was presented beautifully.


Unlike in any other world, the hero faces all kinds of bad things in his life and realises that he is a character from a webtoon. He comes into the real world and meets the heroine and happens to fall in love and know the truth. If you are someone who loves happy endings this is a must-watch thriller cum love story.

By Priyanka Komakula

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