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5 best places to make your weekend in Vizag memorable with long drives


Stressed with your work?

Want to escape the city for the weekend?

Going on a trip is fine, but it would sound much better if you take a long drive too right? Wondering where to go? Don’t worry we got you covered!

Here are some of the best places which are worth your long drive and make your weekend more memorable.


TIt is one of the best hill stations that is present near Visakhapatnam. This beautiful place is famous for its coffee plantations, gardens, museums, waterfalls, valleys and of course the greenery! Araku is around 111kms from Vizag city. The altitude is about 1200m above sea level.

The best thing about Araku is its beauty when you visit in monsoon. The lush greenery will amaze you and connect you to nature. Its natural beauty is what attracts tourists from all over the world.

You can reach Araku valley through road via forests and ghats. The best time to start Araku is early morning around 4-5 A.M. You will witness lots of great views.

Places to visit in Araku:

Chaparai waterfalls: These waterfalls have a unique kind of water flow with a slope which makes it a must visit place. This place is located 5kms from Araku.

Araku tribal museum: This museum consists of the culture and lifestyle of people in Araku.

Borra caves: one cannot miss this place. These caves are the largest in the country, making it special that it’s located at a height of 705 meters.

Padmapuram botanical garden: You can witness rare flowers and trees in this garden.

Araku is God’s gift to Vizagites. One cannot miss the trip and the long drive adventure.


This amazing hill station is located around 100 km from Vizag. This is also called Kashmir of Visakhapatnam. This place is one of the coldest places. The best time to visit Lambasingi is from September to April. This place has good road connectivity to make your trip much easier. People visit Lambasingi to experience the cold weather and the fog. One must not miss the trekking experience. As someone said, the best views come after the hardest climb. It’s very much true in this case. The trek goes about 1-2km to reach the viewpoint. That’s where you can witness the sunrise full of clouds which looks like a cloud sea. These clouds look so beautiful that they fill your soul. This adventure is something you shouldn’t miss.

Tajangi reservoir: This is located about 6km from Lambasingi. This reservoir is located in between the mountains which fills your heart with its beauty.

Kotthapalli waterfalls: These waterfalls are located 45km from Lambasingi. This place is a must-visit if you ever go near Lambasingi or Paderu.

Strawberry farms: Don’t miss strawberry picking if you are in Lambasingi. You cannot come home without picking and enjoying those lovely strawberries.

You can even grab some tents and go camping near the breathtaking views and witness the sunrise.

Devarapalli waterfalls:

These beautiful waterfalls are located 85km from Vizag city. It will take nearly 2-3 hours to reach the point. Then you need to take a trek to reach the waterfall. This adventurous trek will take more than 30-40 mins which is worth the view and waterfalls. You can find huge rocks which have a secret cave that leads to a small village. Sounds interesting right? Yes, it is.

The best time to visit is in winter because of the better flow.

Here comes the most adventurous part of the trip. You need to drive carefully on the mud road for the last 15 km. This mud road can be quite slippery sometimes. This is the reason why the winter season is the best time to visit and not the rainy season

The greenery around the waterfalls will be soothing to your eyes. The scenery will be eye-catching.


This is another hill station with a breathtaking view. This place is located above 3000 feet from sea level. This place is located near Paderu, in the eastern ghats of Visakhapatnam. The best time to start traveling to Vanajangi is early morning to witness the sunrise that is around the ocean of clouds. It will be a 3-4 hours drive from the city to reach there. It is around 100 km from Vizag. Then comes the major part, a five-kilometre walk through the forest in order to witness the beauty of the sunrise that is between the waves of clouds.

Some people even stay at night by camping so that they won’t miss the sunrise. This place recently became popular, and to that, we need to thank social media where people started posting about this place.

Kondakarla ava lake:

This is a famous bird sanctuary and lake located in the Kondakarla village. This place consists of rare species of birds making it a heaven for bird lovers. This place is about 50 km from the city. You can also go boating in the lake where the fisherman prepare their boats by joining the palm tree logs by putting a plank and a cot in reverse to make a seating arrangement. Sounds interesting right! In this modern world, you will surely be amazed by the beauty of these boats. While you go boating you can find a lot of lotus flowers stocking up on the lake which makes it a beautiful journey. On the other side of the lake, you can find Lord Venkateswara temple.

The best time to visit this place is in winter.

The best way to relieve your stress is to connect with nature. You don’t only visit these places but you can also make some memories by going on these fun and adventurous trips.

If you haven’t already visited these places, these must be in your bucket list.

Don’t forget to drive safe and put on your helmet while going on long drives.

Have a great weekend!

By Priyanka Komakula

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