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5 Camping places around Vizag that you must add to your bucket list!


Who doesn’t love that mini vacation and camping around with friends?

Camping is one great thing everyone must experience. Going out and exploring the places around you and staying in one outdoor place overnight really is a another level experience that you shouldn’t miss.

So, here are a few places around Vizag where you can go camping!


One perfect place for everyone around Vizag for a getaway. The popularity of this place has been increasing with every upcoming year. There are many amazing views in Araku that you must not miss. You can find many camping places all around araku view points where you can stop and camp overnight and enjoy the beautiful weather and the lush greenery.


Another place which has been discovered in the recent past few years. A great place which is also known as Andhra Kashmir. Although there are many places to camp in lambasingi, the best place for camping overnight is near the view point. You can reach the viewpoint by doing a little trek. You can witness the amazing view of clouds that seem like a sea of clouds.

Arma konda

This is a mountain peak located in the Godavari river basin. This place is located near Madugula sub-range of Paderu district. This is the tallest peak in eastern ghats at 5,540 ft. if you are waiting for a little adventure this place is for you.


Another recent tourist sensation which took everyone’s attention, Vanjangi. Located near Paderu, this place is above 3,400 ft from sea level. You will need to trek one hour to reach the viewpoint that is a huge treat to our eyes. The stagnant clouds present between these hills will seem like a megha samudra (cloud sea). You can camp here at night under the sky and witness this amazing view during sunrise.

Yarada beach

Beach and camping? How does this sound? Yarada beach tops in such places. With hills around the three sides and beach on the other side, yarada beach is one such place where you can camp with your friends and enjoy the view and

Why wait? Pack your bags and indulge in a camping trip and have an experience that will stay in your memories forever.

By Priyanka Komakula

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