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5 food items that one needs to indulge in amid lockdown to boost up immunity


Whether a child or adult it is important to have the right food. You may eat a pasta or grab a pizza later but the thing which is most needed right now is right food.

As per WHO these are five food items that one needs to have –

1. Meat
There were a lot of speculations previously whether to have meat or not cause it spreads virus and all. Rumours have been put to rest. During such a time, one needs to have hot spicy meat as protein is a need at this moment.

2. Eggs
Eggs are really important. If you have some worries about meat then one can have some egg curry or boiled egg for sure to suffice the appetite.

3. Leafy vegetables
Leafy vegetables like spinach, and other green leafy vegetables are really important as it helps in the metabolism

4. Beans and nuts
Nuts and beans are important. One can have a kaju or almond it does help you with decreasing the appetite and keeps you full.

5. Rice
If you stay in down south, rice should be a staple meal at least for once. You can even tweak it and make a tamarind rice or biryani if you are bored to have the normal one.

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