5 food items that shouldn’t be stocked in a large amount inside a fridge


Amid lockdown, the thing that constantly people worry about is ‘food’. You may live without watching a movie at a theatre or attending a marriage. But food, water are the basic essential.

During such situation does panic buy help? No. You may store certain food products but everything can’t be stored as the product has a life span.

Storing tomatoes, milk products for months in chunks is a sheer waste.

5 items that must not be stored in a freezer :
1. Milk Products
Dairy products are tricky, specially milk, storing cartons of milk doesn’t help as after sometime, it will curdle and will not be in a suitable form to drink.

2. Pakodas, anything crunchy
Samosas, pakodas should be made instantly and served at the time. If you keep it in a freeze for about four days, though you eat it up, it will turn out to be soft, loosing its crunchiness.

3. Fruits and Vegetables
Even if you get a bag full of fruits and vegetables. Certain fruits and vegetables will end up rotting.

4. Packet Ketchup
If noticed, certain restaurants when they give a packet ketchup, it may be black in colour, that happens due to the expiry date. Packed foods, shouldn’t be kept more than a month in your freeze. It’s not good for health.

5. Loaf of bread
Certain families have bought 15 packets of bread. Now if bread has to be consumed for all meals – Lunch, breakfast, dinner then it is fine. Opening a bread packet and keeping it in an opened conditions inside a freeze, is a bad idea, as it will loose its texture and freshness.


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