5 golden vintage movie that you should not miss watching amid Lockdown


Binge watching movies is one of the thing that we love to include in our routine and honestly thanks to lockdown, binge watching has become the only thing that we end up doing mostly. At one point or another you feel like running out of movies to watch which of course is not true. One CANNOT run out of movies. But if you are stuck in such situation here is a list of movies from the golden age of Tollywood. Most of us must have already watched these films, but watching them again is not a bad idea, cause trust me all the members of family sitting and watching a movie together is very much fun. Reminds us of those good old days of our childhood. And for those of you haven’t watched, make sure to add them to your “to watch list” and you won’t regret it.

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Cast- Senior NTR, ANR, Savithri
mayabazar is the gem of Tollywood and one of the greatest films of the country. The movie is based on one of the tales of the Mahabharat. The story is about getting Sasirekha daughter of Balarama to get married to her love Abhimanyu son of Subadhra and arjuna of the Pandavas. Balarama, after Pandavas losing their kingdom to Kavuravas changes his decision and agrees for the marriage of his daughter to the eldest son of Duroydhana. Lord Krishna knowing that Sasirekha and Abhimanyu’s love plays his miracles to make their marriage happen. Starring Senior NTR as lord Krishna, ANR as Abhimanyu, Savithri as Sasirekha, this movie is sure to make you all feel thrilled and amused

2.Gundamma katha-1962
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Cast- Senior NTR, ANR, Savithri, Jamuna
Gundamma Katha is an all-time favorite movie to telugu audience. This one of the best satirical movies on the society’s around that time. All of us must have heard the iconic song “lechindhi-nidra lechindhi mahila lokam” which talks about the women empowerment. The story revolves around Gundamma- a rich widow who mistreats her step daughter and is expecting a son in law who can take care of the property for her daughter. Two brothers who fall in love with these sisters and decides to teach Gundamma a lesson and marry her daughters. The screenplay is quite gripping and on the whole a feel-good movie.

3. Missamma- 1955
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Cast- Senior NTR, Jamuna ; ANR, Savithri
This romantic comedy film is an icon in the history of telugu movies. The movie is remembered for its music performances and the interesting screenplay. We can bet there is no telugu person who hasn’t heard of the song “raavoi chandamama” even once. The story revolves around M.T.Rao and Mary who pretend as married couple to obtain employment in Gopalam’s school which triggers set of events that reveal mary is none other than the daughter of gopalam who goes missing when she was a child. In between is the story of mary pretending to be a hindu woman and also falling in love with M.T.Rao. Missamma addresses social issues such as unemployment, corruption and freedom of worship.

4. Dasara Bullodu- 1971
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Cast- Akkineni Nageswara rao, Vanisri
Legendary actor ANR is also lovingly called Dussara Bullodu after this movie. The movie was considered as Industrial hit at the box office. Does “Pachagadi koesetti padchu pilla” ring a bell! Well the whole album is a sensation. The movie balances both the fun filled romance and the family drama equally. Make sure you don’t miss this film

5. Daana Veera Soora Karna-1977
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Starring Senior NTR played three characters- karna, Duryodhana and Krishna- the characters from Mahabharth. It is considered as one of the greatest films of telugu film industry. The movie tells and glorifies the story of Karna. The movie exceptionally narrates this part of Mahabharat and is well remembered for the remarkable performance of the legendary actor Senior NTR. Well most of us even tried to imitate NTR’s dialogue “emantvi emantvi…”and terribly failed. You will have no doubts why he is considered as the diamond of actors after watching this movie.
These are just few droplets of the big ocean of telugu film industry. These 5 movies are few of the many “animuthyalu”our telugu film industry has produced. Do drop in comments the movies you want to add to the “must watch” list.

By Kavya Sarvasiddi


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