5 juices that helps in boosting up the immunity

5 juices that helps in boosting up the immunity

Cold drinks may seem tasty to drink but it is the juices made with organic fruits that helps in boosting up the immunity.

Juices are not just tasty but they are nutritious too. On a hot summer day at home, juices are always welcomed.

Five juices that are really tasty, as well as nutritious are:

1. Beetroot juice
The juice doesn’t only look colourful but it is really nutritious one when consumes it.

2. Carrot juice
Carrots are everyone’s favourite. With the right amount of tweak, it will seem delicious when one drinks.

3. Leafy juice
Spinach is really good. Not just in its taste but when one consumes it, helps in metabolism, digestion.

4. Kiwi drink
Either one can make a kiwi juice or else make a home made drink with thanda milk with some sprinkles of turmeric and ice in it.

5. Tomato juices
Tomato juices, initially may not seem to be nice but one’s you get conditioned, it is tasty and helps in nourishment of skin bringing a glow on face.


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