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5 Kinds of Headaches and it’s reasons


Headaches are quite common in every individual but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected. If you are suffering from headache once in a while then it is better to know what kind of headache it to take the necessary precautions or medication.

So, we bring to you about 5 kinds of headaches which include primary headache, tension headache, migraine headache, caffeine headache and sinus headache.

Primary headache: It is caused by an effect in pain sensitive features present in the head. Over activity or dysfunction or slight change in function or due to chemical activity in nerves, blood vessels, brain, neck etc are the causes for primary headache. It can also be due to genetic features. It doesn’t mean that you have any disease.

Tension headache: Occurs due to tense or contraction of neck and scalp muscles. These muscle contractions can be due to stress, tension, depression, anxiety or even due to head injury. Good neck and head postures, reducing stress and anxiety levels including overthinking can help.

Migraine headache: Usually it is a result of specific changes within the brain. The intensity levels of this headache will usually be high. These are usually accompanied by sensitivity to light, sound and nausea.

Caffeine headache: This kind of headache is caused due to caffeine withdrawal. Caffeine usually narrows blood vessels in your brain and without it the blood vessels starts to widen resulting in increased blood flow. This sudden increased blood flow could lead to headache.

Sinus headache: These are a symptom of sinus infections and causes pressure on your nose, eyes, forehead etc. Cold or any other allergies increases the risk of sinus infection. In some cases sinus headaches can actually be migraine headaches with nasal symptoms.

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