5 Labelling that needs to be stopped


People, at first sight, tend to have opinions and judgments subconsciously back of their minds which turn out to be a preconceived notion and hence the labeling roots in from there. Initially, certain things seem to be fine but at times thing starts getting irritating cause one is labeled or they are stereotyped.

Labels that aren’t necessarily true:

Not all Gujaratis eat Dhokla and Thepla.

Whenever we see a Gujarati in town, the first thing that comes in our mind is that they must be having Dhokla and Theplas for their breakfast every day.

Not necessary all Bengalis eat fish and Rasgulla.

All don’t have shiny fair skin nor eat fish and Rasgulla. There seems to be no pride if one gets called as Rasgulla.

Punjabis getting drunk and being loud.

Not necessary all Punjabis are supposed to be loud and getting drunk. They can just be joyous by nature.
Biharis to have gutka and cussing

It is not a compulsion that people from Bihar tend to be like the ones from Gangs of Wasseypur.
Malyalis to migrate to the ‘gelf’

Not all Malayalis migrate to gulf countries to earn their livelihood. Some even write poems and work in IT companies in different parts of India and the world.

These labelings and stereotypes are something that needs to be stopped as it gets annoying cause people to tend to believe they are facts which aren’t true.


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