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5 Must watch animated movies to make your heart melt

Many of us think that animated movies are only meant for kids. But have you ever watched films that make you emotional and happy at the same time? We might have already watched films like Frozen, the Lion King, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, but here are some of the movies you need to have a look at to make your heart melt and teach you some important life lessons.

Inside out

This movie is about a girl named Riley. With going to a new place she finds it difficult to adjust herself. This whole film shows her 5 feelings like joy, fear, anger, sadness, disgust. This 12-year old girl struggles when being forced into a new life in a whole new place. This movie literally shows how every teenager feels even once in their lifetime. This movie shows how the girl’s emotions play a major role and how she adapts to her new life. Streaming on Disney+Hotstar.


5 Must watch

Ellie and carl are a happy couple. When they decide to visit paradise falls, Ellie’s dream, she falls sick and dies. After Carl is retired and living peacefully in his home, the court deems him to move his house. Carl decides to leave for paradise falls to fulfil Ellie’s dream by attaching many helium balloons and making his house into an aircraft. The whole movie shows the struggle he took to fulfil his wife’s dream.


Coco is about a guy named Miguel, who loves but his family hates it due to some bad past. When he accidentally gets to know who his great grandfather is. He gets cursed because of his accidental actions and get to meet his dead great grandfather in the land of death and knows the history of music in his family. This movie is a blend of family, emotions and how he reaches his goal to pursue music. Streaming on Disney+Hotstar.


5 Must watch animated movies

Animated movies have the capability to show something that doesn’t happen in real life. Of course, that is what animation is meant for. In this movie, we see a young rat, Remy who has the capability of taste, smell and cooking. Remy dreams of becoming a chef like his idol Auguste Gusteau. When a new boy at a restaurant tries to fix a soup he has spoiled, Remy comes into the picture and helps him fix it. However, this continues until the world knows about rat cooking. What happens next is something you should definitely watch in the movie. Streaming on Netflix.


5 Must watch animated movies to make

Luca, a sea monster, who stays off the coast and herds goatfish has parents who forbid him to go to the coast fearing humans might kill him. One day Luca meets another sea monster who encourages him to go on an adventure out of the sea. Knowing this his parents try to send him to the deep sea. But they choose to run away and live a life out of the ocean. What happens next, will he succeed in living life? Is what you must watch in the movie.

The fact that these movies not only entertain you but also leave you by teaching you and making you think about yourself and your life by leaving your heart warm and emotional.

By Priyanka Komakula

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