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5 popular foods that originated from our very own Vizag


We know our city is famous for its beaches, scenic views and hill stations. But do you know the popular foods that originated in Vizag?

Hearing this for the first time? Wondering what they are?
Here is the list of the popular foods that originated in our very own city Vizag.

1. Bamboo chicken

How can one forget the uniqueness of cooking this famous bamboo chicken? This is the recipe that originated from our favourite place Araku. Due to the high number of visitors this place had and the less availability of restaurants, people started cooking chicken by putting the spices and chicken in the bamboo and roasting them on the coal. This dish has an amazing taste as it is solely cooked without water and the bamboo gives an amazing taste to the chicken.

2. Fish pulusu

Living near the sea, how can we miss the seafood? The freshly caught fish when cooked with spices and tamarind juice to make it a fish pulusu gives an amazing taste. This fish pulusu goes well with rice which is served hot. Once you taste it, it will leave you haunting forever.

3. Madugula Halwa

This special sweet originated from the village called Madugula, which is 70km away from Vizag. This halwa is specially made up of wheat milk, ghee, sugar and lots and lots of cashew and badam which gives a unique taste to this halwa. A sweet which will definitely fulfil all of your sweet cravings.

4. Teepi avakaya

Like the hero Tarun says in the Nuvve Nuvve movie, “Amma, Avakaya, Anjali eppudu bore kottavu” avakaya can never get old. To add a twist to spicy avakaya, Vizag ladies started making teepi avakaya with collector mangoes by adding jaggery or sugar to the dried mango pieces. This specific avakaya has a tangy-spicy-sweet combination that your taste buds can never forget.

5. Pelala vadiyalu

If you are a new generation kid you might not know about this special vadiyalu which our moms and grandmothers used to make. These are made with pelalu(popped rice), sabudana and a little bit of ajwain to elevate the taste. These are made into small discs and let them dry up to 3-4 days under the sun and serve after frying them in oil. These vadiyalu serve as accompaniments in lunch and dinners and also as snacks.

By Priyanka Komakula

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