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5 reasons you should quit smoking


Smoking kills yet it is a thrill for some but you shouldn’t let it become a habit as it isn’t just harmful to your health but has some aversive effects

Unnecessary expense

A cigarette a day results in costs a lot. Even though one doesn’t realize that. A lot of money is wasted on it.
Hearing problems

With the presence of Tar, Nicotine these substances cause illness in hearing after some time.
Causes Heart problems

It triggers cardiovascular diseases at a rapid rate. With the increase in Heart rate and blood flow.
For the people you care

People around you are the most affected whether children or your partner, their rate of getting affected is much higher and at stake.
Not good for pets

If you love your pets you should probably quit smoking as it may affect them badly and cause nasal tumors.

Well, it is never too late to quit something for good and this is one of the reasons why one should quit smoking.


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