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5 Seeds that you need to start consuming to boost your health


Seeds are high in nutrients and give you many health benefits when you start consuming them. These tiny foods are a source of high vitamins and minerals that your body needs. When consumed in the correct quantity these seeds can help in benefiting you by reducing the blood sugar, blood pressure and even helps you in weight loss.

Here are few seeds that you need to incorporate into your diet and start consuming to boost your health.

Chia seeds

These seeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, proteins, calcium, antioxidants. These super seeds can make you feel full and keeps you energized all day. You can even have these seeds soaked in drinking water and have them. Including them in your diet can also help you in weight loss.

Pumpkin seeds

These seeds are rich in magnesium and minerals that help in boosting your heart health and your energy levels. A study proved that consuming pumpkin seeds reduced the risk of bladder stones in children. These seeds also serve as the best snack. You can consume them by roasting them or even raw.

Watermelon seeds

Remember in childhood when you were scared of swallowing watermelon seeds because you might have a tree growing in your stomach? But no! These seeds are full of nutrients and low in calories. As these are fully loaded with vitamin c this helps in boosting skin health too. These seeds also help in strengthening the hair, reducing blood sugar and boosting immunity.

Flax seeds

These seeds are high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. This will help in reducing insulin levels in your body. These seeds were known well from back 8th century. You can include them in your oat meals, yoghurts and soups too. Start including them in your diet slowly as there are very high in fiber.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are good in minerals, proteins and monounsaturated fats and vitamin E. These flowers are not only beautiful but these seeds are very much helpful in reducing heart diseases. These are also rich in good fats. These seeds also help you to keep your hair and skin healthy. You can include them in your cookies and salads too.

The best way to include these seeds in your diet is you can just top it up on your smoothies, salads, oat meals, yoghurts, soups and even you can consume them raw or by soaking them in water. Stay healthy!

By Priyanka Komakula

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