5 Series to binge watch in Netflix


Indecisiveness is common specially when it comes to choosing a series, cause they are too many in the digital platforms but the series that are must watch or you can complete in a day, if there is a will in the lockdown period are :

1. Narcos
It is about the birth of the Mexican drug war in the 1980s.
2. The haunting of Hill house
Those who love spooky tales but are also scared of sleeping alone, this is recommended as it is not too scary but gives the right amount of chill.
3. Pandemic
It is about the frontline heroes who deal with the contagious disease everyday without any fear or hesitation.
4. Leila
If you are a fan of political series and is quite evoked by the present political scenario, Leila is a must watch
5. You
Creepy, edgy and keeps you hooked throughout all the two seasons and pushes to you an edge where you start thinking.


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