5 snacks to binge on in times of lockdown


Lockdown has been extended yet again till May 17 and cravings of having food hasn’t subsided, infact it increased.

Having a same cycle to be followed in a loop – Sleep, eat, sleep repeat.

It has tend to enormous weight gain in these 40 days and people are worried about.

Snacking comes as a saviour in these times as you need to plan it out wisely.

These are 5 lockdown snacks that one can have for sure:

1. Kacha aam or green mangoes
It is a mango season and even if you can’t go to the market, there will be at least one mango tree at your neighbourhood. Slice the mangoes and mix it with some masala and salt. These are with really less calories.


2. Yogurt with pumpkin slices
These are highly nutritious and with really less calories one can lap up to.


3. Jhal muri
Cut some slices of tomato, onions, coriander and mix the muri with these vegetables, masala and add sprinkles of nimbu.


4. Boiled egg or omlette
Intake of protein and surely a tummy filling snacking item and also with less of calories.


5. Vegetable or fruit salad
According to your likings towards fruits or vegetables, cut them into slices and sprinkle nimbu and salt. Weight gain with this a long lost dream.



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