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5 Things you are bound to miss once you leave Vizag!


The city is understood for its greenery, rich history, peace-loving people and its sorts of culinary treats. It is surrounded by Eastern Ghats and faces Bay of Bengal on the east. It is also called the town of Destiny, due to its landscape view and really attractive beaches. Vizag is a place with which everyone falls in love.

Below listed are some of the things you will miss when you leave Vizag:

1. Vizag’s Food:

First, and foremost, comes Vizag’s finger-licking delicious food. From Punugulu, to the famed Muri mixture, there’s such tons the foodies of Vizag always enjoy. And if they leave this city someday, they won’t get these delicious foods anywhere else. Even if they are doing , it certainly won’t be an equivalent . Punugulu is only meant to be eaten at LIC. There’s nowhere else you’ll get muri mixture nearly as good as RK Beach Road.

2. Vizag’s Beach:

At night, the beach becomes the favourite hangout spot of all the people seeking peace. The favourite beach might vary from person to person but there is no such Vizagite who doesn’t love the beaches. If you don’t miss the beaches in Vizag, then you don’t miss Vizag in the least . The long drives in Visakhapatnam are truly special especially when you’re with your friends.

3. Monsoons in Vizag:

Rainfall is witnessed at other places also but there’s something special when it rains in Vizag. There are clouds mingling with the hills in the city, the waves are roaring more than they usually do, the gentle breeze from the sea is making us all merry. As soon as the monsoon arrives, this coastal city changes its colour and becomes an exquisite scenery to recollect . This is what all the rain lovers will miss when they move out of Vizag.

4. Drives on Beach Road:

Beach Road is one among the simplest roads in Visakhapatnam to possess a leisurely drive on. Whether you’re on a two-wheeler, or a four-wheeler, you’ll enjoy driving on this road. Especially letting the breeze hit you and seeing the blue waters on your side. And once you move to a special city, you don’t find any roads like this one.

5. South Indian Food at Sai Ram Parlour:

We get South Indian cuisine at many places but when you wish to have the best mouth-watering Idlis and Dosas it is here at Sai Ram Parlour. You get the chutneys and ghee karam which are just amazing and you will surely miss this when you leave Vizag.
So, these were a few things that you’re going to miss once you leave Vizag. If there are some more which you miss about Vizag then do let us know. Enjoy your stay while you’re in Vizag and make many memories in order that you would possibly leave Vizag but Vizag won’t leave you.

By Bhumika Joshi.

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