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5 ways you can maintain good immunity levels to fight covid 19


The ancient medical science had stated long ago that plant extracts could do a lot to strengthen the body. Dr.Praveen Raghuwanshi, MD (Ayurved) Lecture, Pt.Khushilal Sharma, Government Ayurved college, Bhopal shares a few insights on the need to maintain immunity through Ayurveda.

To maintain good immunity, one must take a balanced diet with macro and micronutrients. Appropriate sleep, Regular Yoga, Pranayama, and exercise are a few more factors that contribute to one’s good health. Herbs like Ashwagandha, Amla, Tulsi, Mulethi and other sources of minerals like Drumsticks are essential to maintain good health especially during this period of time.

Maintaining good Physical, Mental, Spiritual health will lead to a good immunity. A few of the takeaways from the pandemic are as follows:

1. Hygiene practices needs to be continued
2. We need to appreciate and continue consuming homemade and locally available food produce.
3. IEC activities must be intensified to sustain these new healthy habits
4. Community level gender sensitisation activities
5. Educate children about responsible use of gadgets and internet. And Parents should be given guidelines for supervision on the same aspect.

A few more suggestions by Dr Praveen are, “Moderate exercise on every day is essential. Leave a quarter of your stomach capacity free during each meal. Make a conscious effort to avoid overindulgence in every walks of life.”

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