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6 Best Short Films That You Just Can’t Ignore To Watch


With the growth of the internet and the availability of internet to the maximum number of users, the internet platforms are concentrating a lot on providing different type of content to the users. Short Films are also a creation of one such a thought by the people who wish to provide different content to the internet viewers.

Short Films are the most under-appreciated siblings of the feature films and they are made within a very less budget and also a short time with a meaningful message include.

If you have no clue about the best short films, then just check out our list of these short films and watch them in your free time.

List Of Some Best Short Films To Watch:

Interior Café Night

This short film is directed by Adhiraj Bose. Naseeruddin Shah, Shernaz Patel, Naveen Kasturia, Shweta Prasad are the stars of this heartfelt short film. This short film is a story of two couples, one couple on the verge of breaking up and the second couple is the elderly couple who reunite after many years. The Hindi short film tries to make to make a touching impact and it can be said as a successful attempt. Watch it here.


This short film is directed by award winning animator and filmmaker Gitanjali Rao. Through this short film chai she brings in front of us the untold stories of chai makers from different places in India. She tried to touch various issues in rural India like migration, displacement, homelessness and many other issues in a sensitive manner and she succeeded in that. It is a version of the rapid change that India is currently going through.


This short film directed by Sujoy Ghosh has the perfect ability to make you hold on to your seat. This short film says a lot with a very few dialogues. This short film has stars like Soumitra Chatterji and Radhika Aapte and is a nail biting thriller with great performances by the actors. This Bengali short film comes with a package of suspense, deceit, seduction in it.


This is an excellent short film that is directed by Ramachandra Gaonkar. It reflects the story of a common man and how he lets the perspective of the others affect him. You get an idea about to think once about your inner self with this selfie short film, do check it out for sure as it has a really useful message for you.


This short film starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a silent and short film directed by Amit Kumar is the final in our list of the best short films. You have to check out this short film to know what happens when two violent bandits cross path with a corrupt police officer.

Tubelight Ke Chand

This short film is directed by the Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap. It is an award winning short film. This short film revolves around a short kid who feels fascinated towards the glory of the moon and his love for the moon is shown in a great way and you can catch up this short film to know what happens next.

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