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6 GO to Places for the Valentine’s eve


Love is in the air as the most awaited week is here. Make-ups, Break-ups, and patch-ups happen this week and it is special for many of them varying from high school students to growing old couples. Where some people believe in old-school love others are finding matches by swiping left and right on tinder. If one goes back to its origin, Valentine’s day has many stories which say this day was celebrated to honor Saint Valentine as he performed the wedding ritual for one couple who were forbidden to marry, whatever the stories may seem, it is about rejoicing love at the end of the day. In whichever strata do you belong, one can’t ignore food any day whether you believe in celebrating the V-Day or not.

Take your crush or your loved ones to these places to make their day as you may never get to see the face of tomorrow.
1. Candlelight dinner at Park/Palm beach

With the soft live music playing, under the sky, and candles being lit up from 7 pm one can have the right ambiance to set up a mood and let the silence speak. Sip hot soup to increase the appetite for a spicy starter.
2.Shawarma Barbecue chicken


sometimes it is not about the amount of money that one spends but it is about the little things one can do for your loved ones. For the pocket-friendly date, go and grab the finger-licking shawarma roll opposite to park hotel.
3. Soma/Myz Uno


For the hanging out single buddies who want to groove to the music and booze. This is an apt place. You may also meet someone at the brewery pub while you enjoy the eve.
4. Vihar


Want to be away from the city chaos and from the extra curious neighboring aunties then go for a long drive and dine in the beautiful Vihar, that gives you the pretty view and good food.
5 Bae’s Cappucino

Shy and don’t want the date to be too much, go to the cafe relish good desert. It will be open at any hour of the day.
6. Plot 17


Sharing is caring and sharing a slice of customized pizza here, can make your eve.

As Shakespeare said ‘love is an ever-fixed mark that never alters even with time and if it does it isn’t loved’ so this valentine’s day makes your special one’s day memorable.


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