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6 Must Try Sweet Shops In Vizag!


When we talk about sweets, having after a meal, sometimes before a meal or as a midnight snack are almost always too difficult to resist. Indulge and tantalize your senses with the best in Visakhapatnam you do not want to miss. Rich flavours of anjeer complement the Pista, Badam and kaju fillings that makeup the anjeer roll. This is one of the sweets that looks as good as it tastes.

Some of the best sweets shops in Vizag are:

1. Sri Sivarama Sweets:

Sri Sivarama Sweets

This is the best sweet store in Vizag. Sweets are made with pure ghee. Little pricey but worth it. All the ghee sweets are almost famous here. Kalakand is the most famous one. As ghee sweets never come cheap, we don’t need to compare the price.

2. Sweet India:

Sweet India

Here the soft, succulent chena based milk sweet is cooked in a light sugar syrup. Rasgullas here are served chilled at Sweet India. This shop is well known for Rajasthani sweets, especially sweets like Dilkushar, Jalebi, Maalpuaa and motichur Laddus. This shop is the go-to for special occasions. Rich flavours of anjeer complement the Pista, Badam and kaju fillings that makeup the anjeer roll. This is one of the sweets that looks as good as it tastes.

3. Laddu Gopal:

Laddu Gopal

The baked delight is both a treat to the eyes and the palate here. With petals made from roasted almonds, honey and combination of dry fruits like anjeer work as the binding agents to keep the flower in place. And the sweet miniature ghee-fried besan boondi, simmered in sugar syrup. This rich and delicious sweet is loved and enjoyed by all age groups.

4. Chandu Sweets:

Chandu Sweets

Here comes one of the most popular sweet shops and one of the must try sweets here is the popular cousin of Rasgulla, Chum Chums often feature in the festivities of Dussehra and Diwali. Moist and Juicy, the sweet is made with milk and cottage cheese, soaked in sugar syrup and garnished with coconut flakes.

5. Sarvani Sweets:

Sarvani Sweets

This is a very good option to buy sweet products in Seethammadhara Area. They do have multiple options and variety of sweets. Like Khoya, Chena, Kaaju, Dry fruits, Jalebi and some local delicacies like Burelu, Bobbatlu etc. They provide special packing of sweets for different occasions.

6. Sri Manikanta Sweet & Bakery:

This bakery cum patisserie set the shop in the year 1996, and soon it came to know for mouth-watering delicious baked treats. This bakery serves an assortment pure-vegetarian treats such as cakes, cookies, snacks, puddings, mousse, cheesecake, muffins and much more. You can also place an order for sinfully indulgent and decadent designer cake to suit the occasion. There are some delights which are ordered frequently of Sri Manikanta Sweets & Bakery are blueberry cheesecake, choco donuts, Melting chocolate, Choco hazelnut, Fresh fruit mousse.

So, don’t forget to shop from these amazing sweet shops for the upcoming festivals. And enjoy the mouth-watering sweets of these famous sweet shops in Vizag!

By Bhumika Joshi.

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