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6 Simple home remedies for glowing and flawless skin


Everyone one of us will have a desire for glowing and flawless skin. Nature has given us many items, which act as the natural remedies that can be followed at home with the available items. So don’t just waste your time, select, and start with these home remedies based on your skin type.


Peel a potato and either grind it or smash it to extract the juice. Apply the juice all over the face and neck area. let it dry and then wash your face. Follow this process twice or thrice a week. It helps in reducing the dark spots.


Honey has its benefits, mix honey with cinnamon powder and apply it to your face, be careful, and see that the mix doesn’t get in contact with hair. Doing it once in a while helps to reduce acne.


Natural antioxidants are found in turmeric powder. You can mix cinnamon and turmeric powder with milk or curd, make it into a paste and apply it for glowing skin.


Massaging your face with tomato slice will reduce blackheads. Grind or smash a tomato and apply the juice for brightening your skin. But be careful if your skin is allergic to tomato you will have rashes or itching.

Aloe Vera:

It is the best for dry skin. You can apply the Aloe Vera pulp for maintaining the moisture of the skin. It also reduces acne and improves the skin.

Papaya & Orange:

These fruits reduce tan and nourish your skin. You can directly apply papaya or orange and let it dry and wash it.

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