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6 Things we can do to save our beaches and the living beings in them!


Recently we have witnessed a viral video of dolphins gliding near Rushikonda beach. This was the second time to spot a pod of dolphins on our Vizag beach. Around two years ago and again now. But have we ever imagined what those aquatic beings are going through because of our irresponsibility and carelessness?

We do a lot of things that we are not supposed to do at beaches without caring about the pollution and damage we are doing to marine life. It’s high time we do start contributing a little to save them.

Here are a few little things we can do to save our beaches and the living beings in them!

1. Trash disposal

We do visit beaches a lot. We even have picnics near it. After having food or eating our famous muri mixture we often tend to throw the covers and spoons on the beach itself. This might eventually go into the water which leads to harming the aqua life. The next time make sure you use dustbins to throw away the trash.

2. Cut off single-use plastic

Plastic can last for decades in the oceans. Try using wood or re-usable materials to store and eat our food. This way you can also save a lot of money by investing once unlike plastic.

3. Don’t flush the medicines

Never flush down your medicines in your toilet or near any water sources. The drugs in the medicines tend to accumulate in the water and can lead to a variety of diseases for the fish and other aqua life.

4. Don’t smoke near the beach

Cigarette butts can have many negative effects. The toxic chemicals present in cigarettes can lead to the fatality of fish and other living organisms in the sea. If at all you have the urge to smoke, make sure you dispose of the cigar butt in the trash can.

5. Cut off the products containing microbeads

We might have kinds of toothpaste, scrubs, body washes, face washes that have microbeads in them. Eventually, these microbeads will be seen on floating water in the oceans. These microbeads when consumed by aquatic life can be dangerous. So avoid the products that have plastic microbeads like polyethene and polypropylene.

6. Decrease your carbon footprint

Carbon dioxide, when released a lot, can make our oceans more acidic. We can’t see the effects of it but the underwater effects are more. The shells of some animals are dissolving due to high acid and pH levels in the water. We can’t simply cut off the carbon dioxide but we can reduce it by simple practices.

Here are few simple ways you can reduce your carbon footprint:
Use public transport
Try using bicycles
Remember the mantra ‘RRR’- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Turn off the lights when you leave the room.
Don’t charge your mobiles even after your battery is full.
Cut off plastic as much as you can.
Save the water. Find ways to save water whenever you can.

It’s the little things you do today that bring a huge change in tomorrow. Save water and save our beaches. Make our beaches much more famous and aqua friendly!

By Priyanka Komakula

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